Liu Wen Dating Status Year After Claiming She Wishes Boyfriend, Model With Massive Net Worth

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 Liu Wen Dating Status Year After Claiming She Wishes Boyfriend, Model With Massive Net Worth

Chinese model Liu Wen is one of a kind in the modeling world hailing from the Asian ethnicity. 

The one who has done many "firsts" like first Asian model to ramp on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, first Asian to crack the top five on Forbes' list etc, Liu has been flying high in the success world. 

But, a surprise to her fans and admirers, the seductive model has written no success in dating. However, she does wish to have a boyfriend. 

Why don't you know all about the personal life of this beautiful supermodel along with her wiki-like-details!

Mother Asking For Boyfriend; Looking For Special One 

The supermodel may not know any bounds in terms of professional success, but when it comes to dating, Liu seems to be holding back herself.

The Chinese model has been single for long, who readily opens her singlehood. Back, in 2010, then 22-years-old Liu mentioned that she never had a boyfriend.

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She further spoke that as an average Chinese girl gets married at the age of 24; she still had two years to appreciate her single life. 

"All the models talk about boyfriends. Even my mum asks me, 'Where is your boyfriend?' But I'm a little busy for that. Besides, in China, girls marry at 24. So I have two years."

Same happened four years later, in 2014, too.

Liu revealed that she was single then but came up with more information this time. Being optimistic towards dating, she quoted being single was sad saying, 

"There's nobody in my life - this is very sad. Perhaps you can put it in the interview that I'm looking for a boyfriend; they can contact my agent."

And the best part of all, she disclosed the reason for her absent love life was her busy schedules. As her job comes with 

"There's a lot of travelling with my job and I can't say to a boyfriend, 'Please wait for me, I have to go on a job"

As of 2018, she has not been linked to any relationships news. It seems one of the most successful models in the world is having a tough time finding a suitable husband. 

Onscreen Lover; "We Are In Love"

Even though there is no real-life Liu's dating history, she does have an on-screen boyfriend in 2005.

Back in 2005, Liu starred in a Chinese reality show, We Are In Love which was based on good-looking celebrities fake dating each other. The China-born model appeared alongside South Korean singer Choi Siwon in the show and the two even completed a series of romance-themed challenges.

Liu and Choi Siwon appear on the Chinese reality show, We Are In Love in 2005 (Photo:

During the series, Liu even wrote a love letter to Choi where she wrote about the wonderful time she had enjoyed while working with the singer. Liu further explained that she had thought that she would fall in love with Choi.

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However, the romance never nurtured in real life, and the pair parted ways after the end of the show. Even 

Later, in December 2015, Liu and Choi were rumored to be in a real relationship. When asked about the truth, she dodged the question and mentioned the caring behavior of Choi.

"He asks me if I've eaten, and if I haven't he offers to buy me food."

Although she didn't give a definite answer, many took it as a positive response and believed that the two were indeed dating. However, their hopes were crushed after Liu turned out to be single. 

Liu and Choi still remain good friends and she even supported when the singer joined the military in 2015. And back in 2017, Liu made her being single clearly in her own words quoting she had no boyfriend.

However, Liu confessed that even if she had a lover, she would not have much time for him due to her constant traveling for work. So, it would not be kind of Liu to make her boyfriend wait for her while she would be abroad shooting and fulfilling professional commitments.

Family Bond: Misses New Years But Connects Virtually 

Liu's modeling job not only hardly leaves time for dating also for the family. 

She has missed a lot of opportunities to spend time with her family due to work commitments. Back in 2011, she mentioned about not being able to celebrate many Chinese New Years due to the date coinciding with the New York Fashion Week.

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However, she is still close to her family. Her mother and grandmother have always been supportive of her modeling career. Further, she has credited her father and mother for the prosperity for supporting her to pursue her dream of being a successful model. Born from the union of tall parents (father, 5ft 10in, and mother. 5ft 6 in), Liu has inherited her parents' genes as she was already 5ft 6in (1.68m) by junior school

Liu, the first member of her family ever to move outside China, has earned a net worth of $35 million. From her professional career. She gathered a salary of US$6.5 million in 2017. With her massive net worth, Liu has helped her family to sustain a comfortable life. She even bought her parents an apartment to live in. Liu currently resides in New York and doesn't have much time to visit her family. Still, she remains in touch with her parents through Skype and Facebook.