Louis Aguirre: Does he Have a Girlfriend? Or Is He Secretly Married, Wife? Or Is He Gay?

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Louis Aguirre: Does he Have a Girlfriend? Or Is He Secretly Married, Wife? Or Is He Gay?

The Insider TV anchor Louis Aguirre has covered and revealed plenty of entertainment stories, however, has he ever talked about his inside stories? I guess not, so today we are taking hold of this famous anchor and will be looking through his inner stories of dating, marriage, sexual orientation and about his married life if it does exist.

Girlfriend and Dating?

On 4th July 2013, Louis Aguirre was spotted with Belkys Nerey, his ex Deco Drive colleague. The paparazzi snapped them together when they were spending quality time on the Independence day.

It is also said, Terry had just recently moved out from her two years relationship and was going through a mess in her real estate matter.

Caption: Louis Aguirre with Belkys Nerey in 4th July 2013.

Source: miami.com

However, it is important to note that not a single rumor about them dating has ever spread out. Thus, the duo's relationship is only assumed to be that of good friends.

Is he Married, Wife? Or is he Gay?

As tweeted on 19th July 2011, the anchor has revealed about having a wife who simply adores Deco drive. His tweet has definitely made the viewers aware of his marital status.But, besides this tweet, no other information has been obtained from his wife or about him getting married.As the television personality has kept his personal life well tucked in, no information is obtained about his current status i.e. married or divorce or about his family.

Louis did share the story of how the couple met in an Instagram which is an incredibly heartwarming story. 

Apparently, the Two met in DC back in High school and were inseparable since. The two lived far away, Louis was from Miami, she was from Dallas and the two engaged in a long distance relationship. Apparently, his wife flew over to attend his Senior Prom as well.


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Sadly everyone is accused of Scandals once they're in the Spotlightm regardless of how Heartwarming their love is. As published by Miami Herald, some man named  A Rodriguez had been purporting and sending offensive pictures to his boss Alice Jacobs and the gossip blogger Perez Hilton, stating the pictures were sent by Louis.He said:

 “Why he sends his face pic out is beyond me with his television notoriety,“

Louis had remained silent about the accusation and had not replied to any of the comments on his social networking site.Thus, the accusation still lingers in the air, as it has not be clarified by the star.However, as he has disclosed about being married, there isn’t a single chance for him to be gay or having a gay partner even though he has frequently tweeted about gay in his Twitter account.

Louis Aguirre's 'The Insider' Ends:

After 13 seasons of airing and over 13 years of providing Entertainment, The Insider and its hosts Debbie Matenopoulous and Louis Aguirre wrapped up the show. The show's Staff, including correspondents Michael Yo and Keltie Knight and its hosts, were informed about the cancellation in Early February.  

After the end of 'The Insider', Louis reportedly moved to WPLG as an Anchor/Reporter instead. This is where he originally started his career and the Miami TV Channel's viewers seem enthralled about his return. The information about his move was announced in a statement with WPLG President Bert Medina talking about Louis' return stating,

“We are thrilled to welcome Louis back to South Florida, and back to WPLG, the station where his career began,”???????

Short Bio of Louis Aguirre:

Louis Juan Aguirre was born on 12th November 1966 in Miami, Florida to an engineer father, Louis Juan Aguirre. In the year 1984, he graduated from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School. He graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in French.

In the year 1989, Telemundo as he began his televisiTelemundo as a Spanish language reporter for which he received his first Emmy Award nomination for a series of the programme conducted for AIDS crisis in America. In the year 1990, he joined ABC station in the South’s Florida as a reporter. In the year 1994, he left South Floria for Hollywood to become a correspondent for EXTRA.

In the year 2003, he hosted the show Deco drive for which he achieved his first Emmy Award in the year 2004 for his special report “Miracles In The Making”.

In the year 2005 he was enlisted as the 25 most sexiest bachelors by People en Español magazine.In the year 2014, he left Deco Driver. He has appeared in many commercials and hit shows like Sex and The City, All My Children, Burn Notice and Guiding Light.

In the year 2009, he hosted the show Live with Regis and Kelly as part of a contest.The actor has kept his net worth quiet secretive thus no information is available about his net worth.In 2014, he joined Entertainment Tonight" as a co-host in "The Insider".