Luol Deng: 5 Reason Why Anyone Would Get Married and Be His Wife

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Luol Deng: 5 Reason Why Anyone Would Get Married and Be His Wife

The sportsman Luol Deng has carved his name in the basketball world with his skills and charm alike. Armed with such talent, Luol undoubtedly attracts any eyes that gaze upon him.

Well, if you're trying to know all the attributes he's blessed with, we are providing you top five reasons anyone would want to marry this outstanding personality! 

1) Luol Deng Is An Excellent Career Maker!

The 32-year-old basketball player, Luol Deng spent his first ten years in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls and went on to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Starting from the college basketball of Duke University, Luol Deng has not looked back in his career, achieving more and more. 

Luol, who enjoyed the salary of 18 million USD in 2016, signed a four-year, $72 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers on July 7, 2016, giving his career a massive boost.

He had to face a setback on 15 March 2017, however, when the Lakers shut down healthy Deng for the rest of the season that year.

As for his accolades, Luol was the two-times NBA All-Star and named the NBA All-Defensive Second Team in 2013. 

2) Luol Deng Is Burning With Desire To Make His Parents Proud!

One of the best qualities of this NBA player is his desire for making his parents proud. He revealed such longing in one of his interviews with Telegraph, where he explained about his three ambitions, of which making parents proud was one.

When the interviewer suggested that his parents might already be proud considering his success at sports, Luol Deng replied,

"Yeah, I guess. I guess then, what I'm saying is – I want to make them prouder and prouder and prouder. I want everything I do to make them proud. That's my life's goal."

Born to the parents Martha and Aldo to a family of nine children, Luol has already achieved much in his career. However, Deng is still looking forward to accomplishing more in the process of making his parents prouder than they already are.

3) Luol Deng Represented England In 2012’s Olympics!

Did you know the two-times NBA All-Star, Luol Deng has participated in Olympics too?

Representing England, Luol competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics at basketball sport. The Sudanese native, who naturalized as a British citizen in 2006, averaged 15.8 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 4.6 assists, despite the fact that the UK finished with a 1-4 record.

4) Luol Deng Has Prior Dating Experience

A successful career, international sport’s experience and now, prior dating experience; the reasons for dating Luol Deng just keeps getting more convincing. Luol Deng was reportedly dating the Sudanese writer, Kola Boof in 2006.

The scenario soon took many sources to cite Kola as Deng’s girlfriend; however, the duo did not make any statements regarding their rumors.

Nevertheless, before Luol could turn his supposed girlfriend, Kola, into his wife, the dating scenario seemed to meet an end in the same year.

Luol, who has his share of dating experience, is yet to taste the fruits of married life.

5) Luol Deng Aspires To Help The Refugees

Wouldn't you want to know how big of a heart your favorite player possess?

Luol Deng's got a pretty huge heart as per his list of ambitions in life. Luol has made humanitarian works one of his aspirations in his life; he wants to help the refugees and raise the living standard of Southern Sudan, his native place. 

Deng was actively involved in fundraising and profile-raising throughout his adult life, speaking at political rallies and donating his time and money to causes that help young refugees.

Deng went to the extent where he contributed $50 for every basket he scores to a foundation named, a UN refugee agency.

“The money will go to help kids in Southern Sudan with food, education and having a healthier life. More than nine million uprooted children have been forced to flee their homes because of war, hatred and persecution, their situation is critical. I was one of them, and know what it is like. We need $54 million to provide education for every refugee child by 2011. There is a lot I need to do.”

Deng also explained that he gains more satisfaction from his humanitarian works than any awards. 

"The awards are touching but I will feel most touched when I can give the Sudanese children water pumps, food and education,"

His such noble works have brought the philanthropic basketball player awards like 2006-2007 Golden Icon Award for Best Sports Role Model and the 2008 UN Refugee Agency's Humanitarian of the Year Award.

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