Actor Lyriq Bent - Just A Married Man Who Hides His Wife And Family Behind The Camera!

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Actor Lyriq Bent - Just A Married Man Who Hides His Wife And Family Behind The Camera!

A number of people involved in the showbiz have a very controversial personal as well as professional life. However, many celebrities exist whose private life is very tranquil though they have a successful professional career.

And amid the celebrities who opt to decide the fate of their own, resides some public figures, who prefer to keep their personal front entirely to themselves.

‘The Book of Negroes’ star Lyriq Bent falls under the similar category, as the details regarding his married life are kept under wraps by the actor. Active in the film industry since 2000, Bent has successfully managed to hide his wife and family life behind the cameras.

Today, let's take a glimpse into the personal life fo Lyriq to unveil the pieces of information he has been keeping confined!

Lyriq Bent Has a Wife, Who is Kept Away From The Limelight!

Every one of us needs a partner, a companion somewhere in the journey of our life to share our happiness, anguish, and distress. But again exception prevails, as some individuals choose to remain single.

But in the context of celebrities, they are often misunderstood as single or gay due to their low-key dating affairs.

The thirty-eight-year-old actor Bent is one of those celebrities who is considered to be single because of the privacy in his off-screen life. However, the Canada born actor is already married and is a father of two sons.

As per the article published in Jet magazine in 2007, Bent has been enjoying a marital relationship with his wife for seventeen years. He is also a father to his two sons aged age 20 and 11.

Despite being married for around seventeen years, Bent hasn’t talked about his married life openly, neither has he divulged more information about his girlfriend-turned-wife in social networking sites.

Nevertheless, Bent shared a tweet earlier this year in January, where he shared a group picture and penned ‘out with family.’

Active as an actor in the entertainment industry for almost two decades, Bent has appeared in many films and television series. Most recently, Bent has been a part of the movies like Love Jacked (2017), Acrimony (2017), and Nappily Ever After (2018).

Likewise, he can also be seen in the television series like Mary Kills People (2017), and She's Gotta Have It (2017). Bent is also famous for his portrayals in the Saw films, Rookie Blue (2010–2014), The Book of Negroes (2015), and Shoot the Messenger (2016).

Bent, who stands at the height of six feet, has already marked his place in the industry with his amazing portrayals, which in return have granted him with a decent net worth. However, just like the crude details of his wife, his net worth remains confined as well!