Malcolm Nance Wife & Children Death Threats; Personal Life Meets Violence

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Malcolm Nance is the retired Navy Intelligence who was accused with ISIS member in ...... He also received the death threats against his family...shared the news of the loss of his wife through
Malcolm Nance Wife & Children Death Threats; Personal Life Meets Violence

Entered into the military service as a family business, American author Malcolm Nance spent two decades in serving the nation and fighting against the terrorist.

Utilizing the skills learned at the military job, Malcolm started his media career in MSNBC as the expert commentator on counterterrorism. During his media career, he criticized the American President since the time of the election, which became the gateway for the death threats against his family. 

Still, he stood against death threats and fought against the false accusation to be the member of ISIS member. And it all happened in times when he was going through the miserable family time as his spouse was diagnosed with cancer.

Criticizing President Donald Trump Triggers Death Threats

The retired Navy intelligence officer, Malcolm Nance had a family to return when he was in the national security from the year 1981 to 2001. With his tremendous work and act of counterterrorism intelligence, death threats were given to his family.

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Even after his life-worth of service to the nation, he was rumored to be a member of ISIS. He is also the eyewitness of 9/11 attack where the American Airlines Flight 77 was crashed into the Pentagon tower.

He was given a threat by some anonymous people to rape his wife and daughter blaming him for being the member of the ISIS group. He took to Twitter on 28 April 2018 with the shocking revelation of the threats.

Malcolm Nance announces the death threats given to his family (Photo: Malcolm Nance's Twitter)

The death threats were based on the report from Breitbart editor Alex Marlow that claimed Malcolm had called for a terrorist attack on the Trump Tower in Turkey. For the illegible activity of the Alex, he lost his glorious year of self-respect which he had earned by hunting the terrorist for decades.

He disgracefully asked the editor to provide the evidence which proved him to be the terrorist.

“Show me the story. And if the story is as you describe it, I’ll be happy to offer an apology.”

He further claimed that the followers of the article threatened his family, children, and wife by believing in the story presented by the editor.

The MSNBC “counter-terrorism analyst,” Malcolm is the criticizer of President Donald Trump since his run to the presidential election and also had denoted him with ISIS candidate.

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Well, it seemed due to his despise nature for the US President, he was blamed for bombing Donald Trump's property. Following the denotation of the terrorist advocacy, he took to Twitter on 18 April 2017 with the humorous tweet which said that another property of Trump will be his next nominee for the ISIS suicide bombing.

Malcolm Nance humorous tweet about ISIS (Photo: Malcolm Nance's Twitter)

With this now-deleted post of Malcolm, the Turkish president removed Trump's name from the building owned by a Turkish conglomerate.

Basically, Newsbusters and Breitbart decided to assume that Nance, who has fought against terrorist like ISIS for the last three decades would call for a terrorist attack simply because the target had a connection to Trump, rather than giving his professional assessment of what might be the next likely ISIS target.  

Family Business, Personal Life; Cancer Victim Wife Adopts Children 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Malcolm hailed from the old U.S military family, where his great-great-grandfather was the first person to serve in the US' Civil War, and then his parents including his brother were in the US army.

But he transitioned from the U.S. Army to the U.S. Navy, starting the family legacy of Army and Navy service. His ancestor came from the slave family in Northern Alabama. Also, his mother is from the Charleston, South Carolina, where the original Nances started from the white slave owner, whereas his father came from Georgia.

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With his family history of military, interviewer Brian Lamb asked Malcolm in April 2017 if his three children were also going to the family business. He immediately came with the conclusion saying, "Not at all."

His American citizen wife adopted their three Russian children in Moscow. Also, he mentioned that he took the role of father when they were pre-teenies and saw them grew to Teenagers.

When the interviewer asked him their age during the 9/11 attack, he mentioned that they were 8, 10, and 11 years of age.

A veteran counterterrorism expert not only faced persistent death threats but also fought against wife's stage 4 cancer. As of now, he lives between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a house in upstate New York.

Besides speaking on MSNBC as a terrorism expert, he also runs a virtual think tank called the "Terror Asymmetrics Project on Strategy, Tactics and Radical Ideologies."

Death Of Wife

Unfortunately, the love of his life Maryse Beliveau died on 11th September 2019 due to Ovarian Cancer. He shared the news of the loss of his wife through his Twitter account recalling her contribution as a mother and an honorable public service worker. He wrote,

On September 11, 2019 at 4:52 pm my wife of 15 years, Maryse Beliveau-Nance passed away from complications of Ovarian cancer. She was a brilliant landscape architect, devoted mother, fierce patriot, a proud Navy wife and the one great great love of my life.

His wife was recognized with the Special Service Award in  2005 in recognition of her commitment to improving DC’s public open spaces. With the loss of his loved one, it's undeniable that the host is going through hard times.

Especially considering that his job consists of political pressure and several everyday issues, he won't have his other half beside him to provide solace. But his late partner's legacy still lives on through her works and service to the nation.