Find Out Why Mark Giangreco Was Suspended & Who Is His Wife Now

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Find Out Why Mark Giangreco Was Suspended & Who Is His Wife Now

Mark Giangreco, the lead sports anchor for WLS-TV in Chicago, has been caught a couple of times in troubled situations due to his one or two tweets and comments making jokes on serious matters. One of his recent Tweets has led him to his suspension.

While Mark has his ups and downs in his career, his personal life has a similar story. Mark was once married sharing the marital bond with his former wife but turns out things between the two ended a while ago despite sharing a family together.

Truth Behind Mark Giangreco Being Suspended

Mark Giangreco, who currently anchors the sports segment on ABC7 newscast at 5 pm and 10 pm, was suspended back in February 2017 after his Anti-Trump tweet on his Twitter. 

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Back then, Mark had tweeted referring President Trump as a  "cartoon lunatic" who was elected by a “country of simpletons.” The tweet read like:

 “So obvious, so disturbing. America exposed as a country full of simpletons who allowed this cartoon lunatic to be ‘elected.’”

The tweet came as a response to a tweet calling Trump "a hateful ignorant corrupt simpleton” by the Toronto Star sports columnist Bruce Arthur. During that time, Mark was also called out by conservative talk radio host Dan Proft who was much eager to know if the media fairness standard actually to Mark or not.

As a result of his Anti-Trump tweet, Mark was reprimanded by the Chicago’s WLS-Channel 7. Talking with Chicago Sun-Times, the station commented on Mark's comment saying that his comments were  “not in line with ABC 7 Chicago’s non-partisan editorial standards.”

Adding to it, the station also informed that the management was taking appropriate action against Mark. As per the records from media blogger Robert Feder, the station took an action suspending Mark for multiple weeks without any pay. 

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Well, that wasn't the first time Mark gained suspension on his name.  He was suspended back in 2004 for his jokes about the fires in Detroit which were followed by Pistons win in the NBC Championship. Furthermore, in 2014, Mark, who has an estimated salary of  $87,153, apologized for joking about suicide. 

Married Life comes To An End - Relationship With Wife

While Mark has his ups and downs in his career, his personal life is not different. Dodging off gay rumors, Mark was once married to his wife Cindi. It is not known when the pair began their romance or exchanged the wedding vows to commit to each other. 

However, their marital bond came to an end back in 2005. Mark and his former wife Cindi shared three kids - Mark who is now at the age of 34, Christopher, who is now at the age of 32 and Matt who is now at the age of 30. 

Despite sharing a family of five, the pair parted ways. Their relationship came to an end with divorce paper. The pair had their property settlement the very same year, which earned Cindi a mansion increasing her net worth.

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Well, Mark's relationship with his wife came to end but he always shared something special with his co-host, Janet Davies. While Mark and Janet shared the stage during New Year for over 15 years, the relationship between the two has been a muse for the viewers.

Mark Giangreco with co-host Janet Davies during their 2016 New Year Special. (Photo:

In 2016, Mark stepped into the new year by licking his co-host during the station's holiday special. While the scene might seem new to most people, to the Chicagoans, who have watched Mark and Janet for years, it wasn't anything new.

Well, turns out that wasn't the first time that their kisses made headlines.