Matt "Money" Smith Is After All Married And Has A Family! But His Wife Is Not Around Much

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Matt "Money" Smith Is After All Married And Has A Family! But His Wife Is Not Around Much

Different celebrities might have different goals, but most of them share the same motto, i.e., to be popular and successful. On the journey towards success, some of them choose to flaunt their personal life without hesitation, while some decide to keep it inside the closed box.

In the present context, you might have seen different personalities flaunting their family life, love life, and personal issues via interviews or social networking sites. But there exist some who prefers to enjoy a very private personal life.

Matt "Money" Smith, who is famous for hosting 'The Petros and Money Show' with Petros Papadakis, is one of those public figures who has successfully managed to conceal his married life with his profession.

However, we'll try to unveil the hidden side of Matt, providing you with the details he loves hiding away!

Matt "Money" Smith’s Low-Key Married Life And Mysterious Wife!

Matt Smith, the fantasy football analyst for NFL Network, has been a very private person and has shared the least information regarding his personal life. However, it has come to light that Smith is a married man and is enjoying a family life with his wife and kids. 

Smith loves talking about his professional life openly, but he enjoys covering up his personal front behind the professional aspect of his life.

Matt mentions his wife and daughters in his tweets, but without revealing even their name. Previously, Matt mentioned about the birthday gift to his wife through a tweet back in May 2017, but once again, he shied away from mentioning her name.

Similarly, Matt mentioned his daughters back in April 2014 while replying to a tweet, but like always, letting aside the names of his angels.

Though Smith has revealed that he is a married man with children, he hasn’t disclosed any vital information about his wife and kids. However, we have come to know that Smith has three daughters; among them, one of the daughters is called Peyton, who happens to be a player on the Mater Dei girls’ lacrosse team.

Because of his secretive nature, Matt previously fell victim of gay rumors, but his family life with wife and children has fended off the rumors for good.

Now, moving onto Smith’s professional career, he has been active as a sports radio personality for a very long time. Forty-four-year-old Smith is very popular for co-hosting 'The Petros and Money Show,' which currently runs Monday through Friday from 2pm-6pm.

Smith has also written a book named 'The Great Book of Los Angeles Sports Lists' with Steve Hartman, which was published in 2009. Although Smith has already marked his place in the profession, his earnings and salary remain confined, just like the identity of his wife and children!