Mixed Ethnicity Actress Amara Karan: Dating Multiple Actors Onscreen, Who is Her Boyfriend in Real Life?

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Mixed Ethnicity Actress Amara Karan: Dating Multiple Actors Onscreen, Who is Her Boyfriend in Real Life?

One thing that is certain for a celebrity is that they will have rumors spread faster than one can say it. It is common in the case of actors/ actresses that they may be linked to another counterpart just because they've worked together in a movie.

And we have also witnessed several of these actors who worked together as a couple onscreen first, and then really turned into a real life couple, and there are a couple of examples to it.

Dating Multiple Actors Onscreen; Is there a Real Life Boyfriend:

However, it doesn't seem to be the case here and Amara Karan, despite having worked with several young and old actors onscreen has failed to attach emotionally with any of them.

Amara was in the relationship with several actors onscreen like Tom Mison (Mark) in an Indian movie, Jadoo(2013), Jason Schwartzman (Jack) in the movie The Darjeeling Limited(2007) and Reece Ritchie in the movie All In Good Times(2012). However, her closeness with actor Reece Ritchie was suspected to be a little more close than professional; but their marriage was limited to only on-screen.

Caption: The Stars of All in Good Time, Amara Karan & Reece Ritchie(2012)

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Although she has worked with a couple of actors in her other projects, the 32-year-old is believed to be single and apparently "not ready to mingle" although this doesn't have to do anything with her private life. So far as we know, she is neither married nor divorced and has never had a husband. A tweet from a fan suggests otherwise, but so far the media has failed to dig anything up:

Mixed Ethnicity Actress Amara Karan:

Amara Karan was born to a Srilankan couple after they moved to settle down in the U.K. Her father being a Srilankan, her mother was a Zambian, and they had moved from Srilanka to Zambia and finally settled down in England for better jobs. That is why Amara has got mixed ethnicity from Asia and Africa and as a result, she has got black colored skin and belongs to black ethnicity. She has played in several movies as well as TV shows and seems to enjoy ones with cultural differences and has appeared in many of which are related to South Asian culture.

Amara Karan's Short Bio:

Amara Karan was born in 1984 in Wimbledon, London, England, the UK as the daughter of a Srilankan father and an African mother, who had moved in and settled in England from Zambia in 1982. Growing up, Amara had a pretty decent childhood, and she attended Wimbledon High School from where she graduated in the late 90s.

After graduation, she went on to study at St Catherine's College, Oxford University and although she did a fair bit of acting at college, her main focus was to become a banker for which she studied multiple degrees like Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. However, a shift of mood and surroundings saw her complete her Masters in fine arts from The Arts Educational Schools London. 

In an interview with "EveningStandard" in 2012, she said that she wanted to become the "the biggest, worst banker in London. I mean, why not earn lots of money?" However, things didn;t turn up as she had expected but not in the sense that it was any worse because she has worked pretty well as an actress and has been appreciated by her fans from around the world.

With no information on her current net worth value, she was recently seen working in HBO's The Night Of. She has also recently appeared in "Stan Lee's Lucky Man" (TV Series) produced by Carnival Films and POW!.