Modern Family's Jeremy Maguire: Relies On His Parents For Social Media Posts?

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Modern Family's Jeremy Maguire: Relies On His Parents For Social Media Posts?

If you have watched ABC television series Modern family, you probably know the cutest character in it, Jeremy Maguire. He is undoubtedly the charming character and talented as well.

Recently turned five years old has an Instagram and that too with 62.4 k followers. Shocked? Yeah, but it is being handled by his parents.

Social Media Managed by Parents! 

The five-year-old, who plays Gloria and Jay Pritchett’s (parents) son on "Modern Family,” also stars in a new commercial for Tide and recently visited GMA.

Caption: Modern Family's Jeremy Maguire Visits 'GMA' video back on February 25, 2016. 


Since he is only four years old, he relies on his parents for social media posts and has quoted on his Twitter page as:

“I'm a kid. I play Fulgencio Joseph (Joe) Pritchett on Modern Family. *My parents operate this account* Instagram/twitter: @superjmaguire”

He was recently seen celebrating his birthday!


I became a knight today! It's my 5th birthday!!! #knight #disneyland60

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Caption: Jeremy Maguire was celebrating his 5th birthday being a knight 

Though his parent's manage his social media, the attractiveness on his post is worth the watch. His parents also make sure that Jeremy post on his social media is updated on a regular basis, and his fans can see his recent activities and what this little guy is up to lately.

Through his managed Tweets, his never misses having fun with his TV mom Sofia Vergara as on his recent tweet we can see how happy he looks working with her.

Jeremy Maguire in Modern Familie's!

The little celebrity rose to fame as a child when his cast as the replacement for Pierce Wallace's character Joe Pritchett in one of the hit ABC television series Modern Family.

Jeremy has indeed become very popular on social media, earning more than 60,000 followers and that just on Instagram.

His onscreen mom Sofia Vergara (Gloria) revealed in 2015 the identity of the newest cast member in an Instagram post. Pierce Wallace had played that role for the past two seasons.



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Jeremy Maguire's Short Bio:

Jeremy Maguire is an American child actor born on August 10, 2011, in Los Angeles, California.  He began his acting career portraying the role of Joe Pritchett at the start of Season 7, replacing Pierce Wallace in the modern family.