Quick Facts about Master of Tattoos Oliver Peck: A look at Wiki, Age, Girlfriend and Married Life of This Ink Master's Star

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Quick Facts about Master of Tattoos Oliver Peck: A look at Wiki, Age, Girlfriend and Married Life of This Ink Master's Star

Who doesn't love tattoos? And if the inker is the judge of Ink Master, Oliver Peck, the tattooing becomes more than fun.

Oliver Peck, who is regarded as the Master of Tattoos, surprisingly serve us with old-school tattoos and it all comes from his longtime inking experience!

He was a teenager, just 19 when he took up tattooing, and now he is the owner of Los Angeles-based True Tattoo and also co-owns Texas-based Elm Street Tattoo.

Well, there are lot more facts regarding this American ink expert which you will surely know after few more minutes. Let's begin cognizing the tattoo artist through some quick facts about him.

Oliver Peck Upholds A Guinness Book Of World Record For His Excellent Tattoo Work:

The inhabitant of Dallas Oliver Peck is certainly the Masters of Tattoos, and he apparently made the world aware of his ability back in June 2008, when he inked his way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

He holds the record of creating 415 different renditions of a tattooed number 13 in a consecutive twenty-hour span. 

Caption: Oliver's Guinness Book of World Record ( Video Published on July 28, 2008)

Moreover, he is one of the best 'old-school' American style artists and holds the record of traveling on the circuit, tattooing all over Europe and the Far East.

The Master of Tattoos Was A Married Man:

Oliver had previously partnered with another tattoo artist named Kat Von D, the star of TLC's LA Ink. He once shared a marital life with his ex-wife for four years, from 2003 to 2007.

In an interview with In Touch, Oliver talked about his wife and revealed few secrets of his wife and divulged:

"She’s the most self-centered person I’ve ever been involved with. Toward the end of our marriage, she was wanting to get liposuction, and she was taking drugs in order to lose weight."

He added that she began drinking heavily and even behaved incoherently, and sometimes she was destructive as well. And finally, he revealed that he ended the relationship after he learned that she was having an extra-marital affair. A source even revealed that Oliver has a daughter.

Oliver Peck Is Dating A Beautiful Girlfriend:

After an unsuccessful marital life, Oliver has stumbled upon another woman in search of love. We witnessed a lover's side of the tattoo artist on the special day of Valentine when he was enjoying a bike ride with a lady named Audra Cabral.

Oliver shared a picture of their ride on the Valentine Day in the year 2015.


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Well, traveling seems to be the thing which the couple is fond of, as they were spotted again, this time traveling to Birmingham on December 27, 2016.


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Consecutively this year, they were spotted in a flight moving on towards their next destination.


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Audra, who is a tattoo lover as well, is certainly making beautiful memories with the ink master, Oliver.

We hope this relationship doesn't end up like before for Oliver!

A Short-Wiki Like Bio Of Oliver Peck:

The 46-years-old Oliver Peck was born in Texas on July 29, 1971, and his sun sign is Leo. Oliver has kept his family's information under the wraps and alike the family details, his actual height remains unclear as well.

Moreover, he is a judge of Spike TV's Ink Master, along with a rocker personality, Dave Navarro and Chris Nunez.

Stay with us for further updates on Oliver Peck!