Olivia Rose Keegan Weight Loss, Parents, Boyfriend

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Olivia Rose Keegan Weight Loss, Parents, Boyfriend

Most individuals spend their lives trying to find the right career while few know what they want to do from the beginning. Olivia Rose Keegan falls in the latter category.

The actress known for her role as Claire in NBC’s Days of Our Lives, wanted to act since she was seven years old. No wonder the gifted actress, at just 19 years of age, managed to snag an Emmy nomination for her portrayal in the hit soap opera.

Her Parents And Siblings

Olivia was born to parents father Kevin Keegan and loving mother. When a seven-year-old Olivia went to her parents with her “big dreams” of acting, they encouraged her to take up the theater.

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Wonderful parents of Olivia, who wanted to give her the world, couldn’t deny their daughter’s ambition for long. Thus, at age 11, they signed her to an agent, who would facilitate her auditions in Los Angeles. Born in San Rafael, California, her mom and dad supported her and traveled with her for acting interviews.

Olivia is not the only daughter of her Custom home builder father. She is one of the two siblings; she has an older sister named Jessica.

Boyfriend And Dating

All fans want to know about Olivia’s boyfriend. No one can blame them as she captivated her audience playing Claire and romancing on-screen boyfriend, Theo played by Kyler Pettis. Lovers of the show went a step ahead and wondered if the duo were dating in real life.

Olivia Rose Keegan poses with her rumored boyfriend Kyler Pettis on 5th October 2018 at Nobu Restaurant, Los Angeles (Photo: Olivia Rose Keegan's Instagram)

Their dating rumors got fueled when Olivia and Kyler were seen hanging out in a favorite LA restaurant Nobu on 5th October 2018. However, the pair cleared the speculations by claiming to be just friends.

Olivia’s Weight Loss, Height, And Weight

The Emmy-nominated actress’ physique has been the envy of many since her breakout role in the NBC show.

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It may come as an amazement to many, but she didn’t go through any unnatural regime for her weight loss. She was always a petite child and continue to have incredible metabolism.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.51m) with a weight of 49 kg, her drool-worthy figure is all natural. Besides, she maintains an active lifestyle and a healthy diet to stay fit.

Well, along with a fabulous figure Olivia also has a decent net worth. Courtesy of her roles in Modern Family, Sam & Cat, The Thundermans and Amnesiac; she earns an average salary of $50,313.