Openly Gay Tyler Henry Is Not Stable With Boyfriend! Teaches How To Pick Out Real And Fake Psychics But What About Him?

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Openly Gay Tyler Henry Is Not Stable With Boyfriend! Teaches How To Pick Out Real And Fake Psychics But What About Him?

Tyler Henry is a famous psychic, who is a well-known American reality show personality. But did you know that he is an openly gay and has an unstable love life? Well, now you do.

So today, let's take a peek at the love life of this psychic and address the claims he made about identifying the fake and real psychics!

The Love Life of Tyler Henry: Dating Anyone Lately? Boyfriend?

Tyler Henry is openly a gay, and it is no rocket science for his fans and followers. But the fans and followers are also keen in knowing is he has a boyfriend, a partner in his life. 

Well, thus far, he has not revealed anything about his love life till this date and thus, it 's hard to tell if he has a boyfriend or not.

But back in 2016, a source said that Tyler was feeling "very single" then.

“Tyler is having a blast being single right now and he is really enjoying the success of his show,”

The source also added,

“He has had several boyfriends and relationship, but he always runs into the same problem,”  

The source then concluded by saying,

“People who date him always find it to be difficult because of who he is and what he does. No one wants to have their grandfather come through when they are being intimate!” 

But some days after the source made such claims, he adopted a puppy named Pearl, who has seemingly filled his void and erased his loneliness.

His social posts suggest how much he loved Pearl. Here is a Twitter post from him on National Donut Day.

Moreover, he loves expressing his love for Pearl on Instagram.


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The two seem to be in ample love with one another.

But, we hope he finds the perfect partner to get married and settle down in life!

How To Recognize Fake And Real Psychics: Tyler Henry.

Most of the TV psychics are often termed false by the people, and if you are one of them, Tyler Henry has a trick to identify the real and fake ones with a simple trick.

In an interview he said,

"No one legitimate is going to say something that is going to frighten the person in front of them. That is not the goal of someone that is truly connected to what I believe to be the source."

He then added,

"It's important that you have a validating experience [when going to see a psychic]. The information that comes through for me, comes with the goal of helping the person in front of me. Telling the person something like they are going to die is not helpful unless it can be prevented.

"A good way to tell if a psychic is authentic is, if they are going to verbalise these things, it should be with the intention of helping the person."

But while Tyler has been saying these things, people often doubt his authenticity. However, Tyler, who discovered hs abilities while he was 11, is someone who has over 125 readings on camera and he also said that he had the premonition of his grandmother's sad demise. When he told about what he saw about his grandmother to his mother, the phone rang minutes later, confirming that his Nana had passed way.

Caption: Tyler Henry helps T-Boz Connect With Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes on Hollywood Medium Published on May 22, 2017.

These sort of works has also helped him earn money in an ample amount, but still, he has not opened up about the exact figure of his net worth.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Tyler Henry.

Born on January 13 of 1996, in Hanford, California, United States, Tyler Henry is a famous American reality show personality who appears in his series "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" as a "clairvoyant medium." He has revealed not much about his family life, but he is known for having grown up in a town in central California before heading to Los Angeles.

He also has had appeared at the home of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian in an episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

With work as a medium, he has reached a great height in his career, and he has helped a lot of people in reaching out to their dear ones. 

Also, did you know, a psychic had also had the premonition of Natalie Morales' miscarriage?

Now that you do, it shall not be hard to make you believe that these sort of people are indeed real.