Poppy Drayton Has No Intentions On Having A Boyfriend; Choosing Career Over Dating Affair?

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Poppy Drayton Has No Intentions On Having A Boyfriend; Choosing Career Over Dating Affair?

Everyone have their priorities and desires in life which usually defines them. But undoubtedly, as time passes by, preferences and desires in life also change. Those who are very sorted in life have very clear priorities, and it is a lot easier for them to get towards the dream they want to pursue.

We have a story which relates to a person who has chosen priorities over desire and made a name in the industry.

Yes, we are talking about stunning princess Amberle Elessedil from “The Shannara Chronicle,” actress Poppy Drayton. This actress has been very firm in her career, but the question that often gets into people's mind whenever they think about her is, does she have a boyfriend or some affairs? Well, if you are longing to know the answers, then I suggest you to keep reading!

Insight Over Poppy Drayton's Life And Career:

There will be a plenty of people who will come forth to date the Amberle Elessedil in “The Shannara Chronicle,” but what about in real life? Poppy Drayton, who has an army of fans because of her incredible presentation of the character Amberle is probably not in the dating zone.

The UK native started her career at the very young age. Poppy first started her acting career with a short movie in 2012. Further, in the way of pursuing a dream, the actress landed a role in a television movie as Elizabeth Thatcher in “When Call the Heart.” From then and there, she got to work in several other films and television series.

Moving on, she landed on the various roles, and some of those projects include Downton Abbey,  Midsomer Murders, Unhallowed Ground, Writers Retreat and much more.

The actress, who often remains tight-lipped about her personal life, while working in “Downtown Abbey,” talked about her look and costumes. She said,

“Some of the pieces are original vintage items and others are handmade dresses - draped, sequinned, beaded. They were stunning. I felt like a china doll walking around the whole time, but I didn’t get to keep any unfortunately.”

The 44k followers on Poppy's Instagram account are evident to the fact that she has fixed her position firmly in the hearts of the fans.

To stay connected with the followers, Poppy shares about her movies and giving her fans some updated about her life.


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With all these, it seems that she is working hard to heighten up her career. And in that process, she doesn’t want to get into all those relationships and dating kind of things. Further, maybe the busy schedule life of the British actress is the ultimate reason which is stopping her from having a boyfriend.

Alike about the dating affairs of which Poppy doesn't talk much, she has also kept the identity of her parents behind the sheets. 

Whatever the scenario is, we just like to wish the gorgeous actress luck for her upcoming projects.  

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