Ranae Holland Secretly Married With Her Lesbian Partner? Here's The Fact

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Is Ranae Holland Secretly Married With Her Lesbian Partner and Living Together? We Think So! We are talking about Ranae Holland, a biologist, who is always in search of an exciting and exclusive phenomenon. Well, her quest for that phenomenon may never halt and it shouldn’t so, but her search for a partner is over. But the question remains; are they married?
Ranae Holland Secretly Married With Her Lesbian Partner? Here's The Fact

It's a delight to see the celebrities we admire find someone special, and it's heartbreaking when we see them being parted away from the love of their life. These hot-shot celebrities do deserve all the happiness in the world as they devote all their time to entertain us. But has the public figure we know from Finding Bigfoot found all the bliss?

Well, we are talking about Ranae Holland, a biologist, who is always in search of an exciting and exclusive phenomenon which may never halt and it shouldn’t, but the question remains; is she up and ready to be married? Or her quest for the search of partner still on?

Well, stick around to find out!

Secretly Turned Partner Into Spouse?

Ranae Holland is an openly lesbian personality with nothing to hide and fear. While she is always in search of fascinating things, we haven’t had the chance to know how her personal life is shaped like entirely. When we did, a beautiful lady was there quite often with Ranae.

Of course, this information just broke the heart of many men and women as well but, if you are a real fan, you would be nothing but happy. Ranae’s other-half goes by the name Tina Hendrickson with an Instagram name ‘Spicy Tina Roll,’ which quite suits her.

The couple met in March 2016, a meeting that sparked after Ranae decided to compliment Tina; a decision that changed both of their lives.

The 46-years-old TV personality, Ranae, as fans speculated married Tina; however, given the fact that Ranae referred to Tina as her girlfriend in multiple social media updates, this just might be an unlucky guess.

But these two human beings are exceptionally beautiful and make one hell of a couple. As seen on Renae's Instagram, both shared a delightful date night on August 10, 2016, which was a surprise from Tina.


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Ranae, who is also a conservationist, doesn’t exactly reveals anything in-depth on her personal life with her partner, but hasn't stepped back from sharing some pictures with Ranae. The couple even celebrated Valentine's Day together while Renae Addressed Tina as "my favorite" in her Instagram post back on February 16, 2017.


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Moreover, Ranae shared the picture of her celebrating her birthday with her favorite person, Tina, back on March 13, 2017, where the couple seemed enjoying the nature blissfully. 


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Is search for Renae's life-Partner over?

Renae shared some life-long memories with her significant other Tina. As seen from Renae's Instagram posts, the couple seemed quite happy, and they might have taken those marriage vows. The duo last shared their pictures together back in November, after which no news of their relationship surfaced the media.

However, Tina, Renae's then-girlfriend, shared in an exclusive interaction with Liverampup stating that the couple broke up and are no more in a romantic relationship. Tina even revealed that she would not want her name to be linked with Renae. While their relationship could not see the happy ending, the reason for the break up has not yet been disclosed.

However, Renae has not yet shared anything regarding her romantic relationship, but according to Tina, the couple has parted their ways.

Ranae Holland's Age and Short Bio:

Ranae Holland, age 46, was born on August 24, 1970, in Sioux Falls, SD. Ranae Holland joined the cast of the reality series on Animal Planet, known by the name "Finding Bigfoot" as a co-host in 2011 and she has continued on the show for over half a decade now.

However, it is not that Ranae is a Bigfoot believer or a member of the Bigfoot! Field Research Organization (BFRO), it is her passion and fascination towards phenomenon that enticed her to join the team.

Besides field research, Ranae also enjoys adventure sports and occasional teaching to students on topics such as critical thinking, science, conservation and more.

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