Ray Stevenson Wife, Family, Net Worth, 2019

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While people dive into the film industry as child actors, there are some who try their luck...Interestingly, the portrayal literally made a valid point of life imitating art as Ray and Gemma became husband and wife...With a successful acting career, he boasts a net worth of...
Ray Stevenson Wife, Family, Net Worth, 2019

While some dive into the film industry as child actors, others try their luck much later. Irish actor Ray Stevenson falls under the latter category. 

It wasn’t until he reached the age of 25 that Ray decided to give his acting ambitions a try. The aspiring actor even quit his job as an interior designer and joined Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

The move worked in his favor as he became a dependable actor, known for projects like King Arthur, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Thor.

Married Status, Wife?

Ray has gotten hurt and also enjoyed the biggest joys as a man in love. The actor met the love of his life, Ruth Gemmell on the sets of Band of Gold. The fellow actors also played husband and wife on Peak Practice in 1993. 

Interestingly, the portrayal made a valid point of life imitating art as Ray and Gemma became real-life husband and wife in November 1997. Post the union; the actor duo concentrated on balancing family life and professional acting career. 

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Alas, the balancing act didn’t work as the pair split and eventually got divorced in 2005. 

Despite the demise of his marriage, Ray didn’t give up on relationships. He started dating anthropologist Elisabetta Caraccia. The actor has quite an exciting story about their courtship. According to Ray, he was looking for casual flings and had no intention to settle down again. 

With such a mindset, he was looking to rent an apartment when he encountered his landlady, Elisabetta. The pair’s relationship quickly changed from landlord-tenant to lovers. 

Ray Stevenson poses with girlfriend Elisabetta Caraccia (Photo:

Shortly, the pair’s union increased their family as the actor’s girlfriend gave birth to a son named Sebastiano Derek Stevenson in 2007. 

Ray was a happy man again when his family increased from three to four after the arrival of another son. Today, the actor boasts three sons with Elisabetta. 

Uniquely, the parents of three are not married yet. The reason behind unmarried status is Elisabetta doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage. The Dexter actor had even proposed his ladylove once, but she turned him down. 

Despite the refusal, the pair reportedly remain together as a family in 2019. 

Parents Info, Net Worth 

Ray was born to his loving parents on 25 May 1964. His father was a pilot in the British Royal Air Force. According to the actor, no member of his family pursued a career in drama. The lack of acting connection may be the reason; it took Ray over two decades of his existence to voice his acting ambitions. 

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Today the 55-year-old has pretty much compensated his late inclination to acting via working in successful movies and TV shows. The actor of height six height three inches (1.91 m) has worked in TV series including Medici, Saints & Strangers, and Crossing Lines. Further, he has been a part of movies like Divergent, The Three Musketeers, Kill the Irishman, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

With a successful acting career, he boasts a net worth of $8 million.