Ricky Dillon Opens About His Sexuality, Identifies As Gay

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Ricky Dillon disclosed details about dating each other...were rising about his gay sexuality...born to parents Rick and...possesses an athletic build with a height of...helped significantly in boosting his net worth...came out as gay through a video on his... the YouTuber revealed his history of the challenges he faced while
Ricky Dillon Opens About His Sexuality, Identifies As Gay

YouTuber Ricky Dillon is one of the well-recognized internet personality with millions of followers across various platforms. His Truth Or Dare videos, along with multiple other engaging clips, have hugely helped him gained considerable success.

Moreover, he has equally uplifted himself financially, all thanks to his showmanship and fame.

Dating Rumors with Shelby Waddell

Ricky Dillon's friendly relationship with fellow YouTuber Shelby Waddell is no classified information.

After all, the two have collaborated in several videos on their respective YouTube channels. The duo even made a prank video in October 2013, in which both disclosed fake details about dating each other.

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But, in reality, Ricky and Shelby are nothing more than two friends. Shelby talked about their friendship via an Insta post on the occasion of Ricky's 26th birthday on 4 April 2018,

I have such a hard time trying to fit our friendship into an Instagram caption because there are no words to describe it. Happy birthday @rickydillon, my best friend, soul mate, and the biggest blessing to ever walk into my life! 

Ricky Dillon and Shelby Waddell as seen together on Vidcon Conference on 15th July 2019 (Photo: Shelby Waddell's Instagram)

Further, it turns out, Shelby was in a long-distance relationship with a guy named Tyler Murphy in 2018. 

Came Out As Gay

On 27th February 2020, Ricky came out as gay through a video on his YouTube channel titled "I'm Gay." In the video, the YouTuber revealed his history of the challenges he faced while coming in terms with his sexuality during his younger years. He shared, 

It was drilled into my brain from an early age that being gay is one of the worst things that could happen. I am so terrified [my family's] not going to accept me for being gay because I know their beliefs. "I wanted to come out years ago. I'm not scared of telling you guys. 

Also, Ricky shared that the reason behind his decision to come out. As per the entertainer, being closeted made him feel inauthentic and disingenuous. 

Following the release of the video, the social media icon revealed that he was "overwhelmed with relief and emotion." Prior to coming out as gay, he had revealed that he was asexual. But through his coming out video, the YouTuber confirmed that it was a lie saying, 

What is wrong with me? I don't have any attraction to girls. It led me to thinking that I might be asexual, which yes, I did make a video — four years ago now I think — where I talked about my sexuality and how I think that I'm asexual because my mind had somehow convinced myself that being gay is off the table and there's no way I could be gay. 

Moreover, he revealed that he was going on a date with several guys and was feeling comfortable than ever. 

Net Worth Info

According to sources, Ricky's had already amassed $470,000 by 2018. And considering his sources of income, it doesn't come as a surprise. With more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube alone, the platform has become his cash cow.

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Due to the fame he has acquired, Ricky managed to secure various promotion deals from recognized brands such as AXE, Hulu, and AT&T. Apart from all these, he generates revenue from the sales of his card game called Ricky Dillion's Truth Or Dare.

On top of that, the sales of his 2016 album Gold helped significantly in boosting his net worth.

Facts About Ricky Dillion Including Age and Family

  • Ricky was born on 4th April 1992, to parents Rick and Janice Dillon.
  • He has two older sisters named Sara and Lexi Dillon.
  • The social media star possesses an athletic build with a height of 6 feet & 1 inch ( 1.85 meters).
  • In 2016, he lent his voice as Aspen Heitz for the Disney movie, Trolls.