American Pickers' Robbie Wolfe: Hiding Away Married Life With Wife and A Possible Family?

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American Pickers' Robbie Wolfe: Hiding Away Married Life With Wife and A Possible Family?

You might have seen Robbie Wolfe making an appearance on the American Pickers, where he restores and resells antique and collectible pickers just like Aaron Kaufman, who is very much famous for restoring and reselling derelict and forgotten American cars.

Well, if you are a huge fan of American Pickers, then you must have known that Robbie is the brother of picker Mike Wolfe, who looks for amazing antiques in people's garages and barns.

Apart from the antiques and collectibles that Robbie has collected, what is the thing that you are most curious about him? Other than his collection, he is also known for his undisclosed personal life. So how is his life behind the cameras?

If you are searching for the details regarding his personal life, then you are at the right place as today, we will try to convey some information about Robbie Wolfe’s low-key personal life, including his family.

Robbie’s Hush-hush Married Life:

Not every public figure has shared the details regarding their private life to the media and Robbie falls in the same category as well.

Although Robbie has many fans and followers, who would like to know about his love life, he hasn’t uttered a single word nor has disclosed about his love life and has sealed it with his busy professional career.

No doubt Robbie is a married man, but as there is no any evidence about his marriage, we can’t reckon who his wife is. Well, his professional life certainly overshadows his personal life!

Robbie Wolfie's Short Bio:

As per Mike’s post on Facebook, it is clear that Robbie was born on April 26. However, his exact age is still a mystery, since the year of his birth is not available.

On April 26, 2016, Mike wished his brother “Happy Birthday” by drafting-

“Y'all join me in wishing my brother, Robert Wolfe Picker, a happy birthday!”

You might have seen Robbie on American Pickers several times, but you might not have known that he owns a landscaping company called RJ Wolfe and Sons.

Though Robbie shares an interest with Mike in old vehicles especially automobiles, he impressively fixes up yard including paving driveways new and old, putting in decks, pool installation, creating outdoor living spaces and hooking up lighting.

Robbie founded RJ Wolfe and Sons in 90s and has been running the company till the day.

Caption: Robbie (Rob) Wolfe with Danielle Colby Cushman in this bonus scene from "Virginia is for Pickers" (Published on June 28, 2015).

Robbie, who wants his clients to enjoy the pleasure of outdoor living, earns a massive amount of salary from his passion, interest, and creativity. However, Robbie’s net worth remains confined, just like his relationship status.