Is Robert Costa Married? It'd Be A Surprise If He Does Not Have A Wife

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Is Robert Costa Married? It'd Be A Surprise If He Does Not Have A Wife

Robert Costa, a talented and energetic national political reporter for 'The Washington Post,' has already become a household name. At the age of 32, he amazed people by landing on a new gig on Washington Week on PBS replacing Gwen Ifill.

The political reporter Costa, who has even interviewed President Donald Trump many times, is also the moderator of PBS' Peabody Award-winning weekly news analysis series, Washington Week.

You might be aware of Robert Costa’s professional life as his career in the journalism is as clear as crystal. But how much do you know about Costa’s life behind the cameras?

It's no secret Costa already has a daughter, but today, let us help you know who the mother is!

Is Robert Costa Married To A Beautiful Wife?

Though Costa has allowed us to read his professional career like an open book, his personal life is something that has always been kept inside a closed box. Costa neither has talked about his relationship status in any interviews nor has flaunted it in social networking sites.

As of now, the thirty-two-years old Costa remains to be single as he is not seen with any lady who could be taken as his girlfriend. There are neither any records of Costa’s past dating affair nor has he exchanged wedding vows and get married to call someone his wife.

In the present scenarios, there are many public personalities like Will Estes, Matt Gutman,  Matthew Hussey, and Steve Lund, who are doubted on their sexuality by their very private personal life.

Sharing similar scenario is Robert as well, as some people consider Costa to be a gay just because there is no any evidence of his possible affair with a woman. People assume as they wish but can one be considered gay just because he doesn't have a girlfriend?

That remains incorrect, until and unless Robert provides any confirmation on the matter!

Talking about his family, he has a mother- who is a lawyer and a rising star as a sister, Ellen. The proud Robert mentioned the two important woman in his life through a tweet on the occasion of International Women's Day 2017.

Apparently, Robert takes out time for his busy schedule to spend time with his father as well.

His sister gave birth to a little angel back is August 2015 whom he calls her goddaughter, Dillon. He spends a quality time with her goddaughter and even shared a precious moment via Instagram back in November 2015.


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Earlier this year in June, Costa shared an adorable picture with his goddaughter on Instagram, where he was seen reading a book about caterpillars to Dillon.


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Don’t they look cute together?

Though Costa already has a goddaughter to accompany him, we would still love to see him spending spare time with his own children. However, it seems we need to wait a little longer to see Costa enjoying a successful family life along with his already successful career.

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