Robin Taylor bashes hateful Gay Comments received after his Married Life Revealed!

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Robin Taylor bashes hateful Gay Comments received after his Married Life Revealed!

Many gay men got married over the years and what we have seen so far are only congratulations. For instance, we can look at the wedding of Geo Benitez with his Husband, Tommy DiDario. They got married, and all they received was congratulations. However, Robin Lord Taylor did not have the same fate.

The hate towards homosexuality:

Robin Lord some months ago came out with happy news which undoubtedly blew minds of everybody. In June of 2016, Robin revealed that he was a married man. 

A 38 years old man getting married is not a big thing, but this was something else. In the posted photo, there were two hands with a ring on each ring fingers, but both were the hands of men.


Robin revealed that he got married five years ago and instead of being married to a girlfriend and having a wife, Robin got married to a man. The same time Robin revealed that he was a married man; he revealed that he was a gay man.

The fact that he was secretly married was alone enough to send his fans a shock, added the breaking news of him sharing a gay sexuality which left some of his fans over the edge. With a flow of congratulatory wishes and expression of shock, Robin also got a bunch of hateful comments.

After the revelation of his already five years old married life and sexuality, Robin started getting loads of comments filled with hate. After reading everything Robin decided to respond to the comments and tweeted that ‘Homophobia is real and deadly,' a conclusion he came to after he was called fa***t and gay bas***d in the comment sections.

Robin previously did reveal about being married with in 2014 but did not mention the person or the gender. But as he has now done it so publically, Robin got the response he was probably not expecting for, but he did mention that he was dating his spouse from a long time and did not have any kids. In his statement he said;

“I am married! I like to keep it private, but I’ve been married for over three years, and we’ve been together for 10 ½. No kids. Kids yet!”

Apparently, the actor has still not revealed that with whom he got married to which leaves his husband anonymous to the media.

Robin Lord Taylor's Career so far:

Robin Lord is undoubtedly a marvelous actor who is widely known for his villain role in the hit TV-series Gotham where he plays the role of Oswald Cobblepot. Robin has been a part of Gotham since 2014, and he is still continuing to do so. Believed to have started a career in acting since 2005, Robin has already crossed a decade in the industry and has already piled himself a decent net worth of $6 million.

At the current moment, Robin has two projects on his hands; The Long Home (post-production), and Full-Dress (post-production).