Romesh Ranganathan’s Apology To Wife – Parents To 3 Children | Regret

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Romesh Ranganathan’s Apology To Wife – Parents To 3 Children | Regret

British comedian, Romesh Ranganathan has one more thing to feel a lucky man; he has a loving wife which most people can only dream about. Along with his successful comedian career, he has been leading a blissful married life with his family.

However, sometimes he feels that he might have added some extra burden on his wife as she is often left alone to handle their stubborn kids. 

The comedian famous for his stand up comedy and shows like Just Another Immigrant and Asian Provocateur shares a glimpse of his personal life along with the details of his parents and family.

Happily Married To Wife; Regrets About Having Three Children

Romesh has been a longtime married to his drama teacher wife, Leesa Maynard-Ranganathan. The couple romance dates back to the time when Romesh used to work as a mathematics teacher at Hazelwick School located in West Sussex, England.

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Romesh and Lessa eventually got married nine years back in 2009; however, not much of about their wedding ceremony has been disclosed. Together the pair has three children, all of them sons named Theo, Alex, and Charlie.

Romesh Ranganathan with his three sons: Theo, Alex, and Charlie (Photo:

Romesh's three kids are different in behavior to each other. He mentioned that his first son, Theo, was raised to be a "perfect" child; however, his second kid Alex is a child with an attitude problem and often acts like a carefree rockstar. 

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Romesh, who travels a lot for work and doesn't spend much time with his family due to work commitments, has given the responsibility of managing the household. He even claims that if he would be home all the time, he and his wife would inevitably be divorced.

Further, Leesa is a loyal wife who supports her husband in his personal and professional life. She even joins Romesh in his shows and award functions which he attends. 

Romesh Ranganathan's wife Leesa along with the couple's children (Photo: Romesh's Twitter)

However, Romesh feels that he has not given back much in return to his wife. For instance, he revealed that he has regularly apologized for his physical resemblance, which consists of a fat belly and a disproportionate body.

To add that, he also regrets having three children as his wife is often left alone to take care of them while Romesh is traveling for shows. But Leesa doesn't take this as a burden and loves to raise her children while her husband takes up the responsibility of earning a living for the family.

Saying that he does not shy away from a bit of a laugh when it comes to his wife's cooking. During an interview with the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show in May 2019, the comedian recalled being in a tight spot when his wife got annoyed with his mother's food packages.

His wife thought Romesh's mother was always interrupting their dinner time, but little did she know that Romesh was the one asking his mother to cook for him. Adding to the same, he said he preferred his mother's cooking rather than his wife but when the two participated in the cooking contest, he refused to say who won.   

Immigrant Parents Moves; Father's Death

Romesh is a family man, who takes his folks everywhere he goes. For his series, Just Another Immigrant, Romesh shifted his whole family to California. Coincidentally, the show is based on his own life as a British comedian who moves with his family to achieve success in the states.

Born in Crawley, West Sussex, England; Romesh was born to Sri Lankan immigrant parents. Romesh considers his mother, Shanthi as the most significant source of inspiration in his life. While Romesh was a kid, his family went through some severe financial crisis after which Shanthi had to work odd jobs to sustain her family's living. Romesh's mom also appeared on the BBC show, Asian Provocateur.

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For the shooting of the show, his mother even sent Romesh to Sri Lanka, his native land, to learn about his roots, cultures, and traditions. 

Romesh along with his mother Shanthi appears on the BBC show, Asian Provocateur (Photo:

During his teenage years, Romesh's family had to suffer extreme poverty, and he even had to witness the separation of his parents. He also faced other tragedies which included the imprisonment of his father and the repossession of their family home.

Penning down an article named Letter to My Younger Self in Big Issue magazine in October 2018, he covered his series of tragedies initiated from his parents' split.

After Romesh's family home got repossessed, he, along with his mother, was supposed to be relocated to a council flat. But due to a lack of availability of such apartments, Romesh and his mother were forced to live in bed and breakfast for about a year and a half while his father completed his prison sentence. 

Now, the hard times of the Ranganathan family have passed, and Romesh is leading a comfortable life along with his wife, children, and mother; however, his father is no longer with him to witness the success of his son.

Romesh's father died in 2013, three months after he started his career as a full-time comedian. After his father's death, Romesh and his brother Dinny Ranga jointly managed their father's public for a short while before moving on to their respective careers.

Paying tribute to his father, the comic sensation also released a show called The Reluctant Landlord in 2018 which was inspired by his father's legacy. The show gained an average rating of three stars from the audience but his father's memory was relived in that short frame of time.

As of 2019, the comedian is back at the usual tourist destination, making people roll of thier seats with laughter. The tickets of his show often tend to sell out pretty quickly, and the audience enjoys a wave of humor straight at them.