Know About Tattoo Artist Ryan Ashley Malarkey's Husband, Kid & Career

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Know About Tattoo Artist Ryan Ashley Malarkey's Husband, Kid & Career

Turning a human body into an artwork, Ryan Ashley Malarkey has taken creativity to a whole new different level.

Playing through black and grey colors and ingenious decking designs in the body of other people, the tattoo artist has successfully taken tattooing under her belt.

Mastering a profession that most parents wouldn't want their kids to pursue and proving their perspective wrong, Ashley became the first lady ever to be crowned Ink Queen.

The Ink Master winner, through her incredible skillfulness, has declared her position at a great height in the art industry, and well, the inked goddess has done so in her personal life too. 

Leveling up their romance, the Ink Queen and her husband are leading a blissful married life.

Who Is Ryan Ashley Malarkey's Husband?

Ryan Ashley is a lady known both for her beauty and brilliance. However, it's merely her raw talent that grasped people's attention but the stunning beauty that made guys gaga towards her.

But, the tattoo artist has been taken and has long been in a relationship with her boyfriend turned husband, Joshua Balz, who is also a tattoo artist. 

Joshua, also nicknamed Josh, crossed paths with Ashley in 2013. Ever since their first encounter, the pair have been dating and keeping fans updated about their tie through their media post.

Ryan Ashley's Husband

Ashley tweets saying she misses her husband Joshua Balz in 2014 (Photo: Twitter)

The 'Motionless In White' keyboardist and the Ink Master star have shared good times together. The duo has also opened a shared boutique, "the strange & unusual oddities parlor," in the city of Kingston.

Selling animal skulls, antique dolls, furniture, and anything that is wondrous and non-ordinary are found in their parlor.

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Josh made a marble ring himself to use as a proposal to Ashley. Taking their relationship one level up, the pair got engaged in the year 2016 and has ever since been living in great harmony, sharing some of the joyous moments together. 

2019 saw them take another significant step by getting married. When the pair announced their marriage, Ashley said they wanted to live their lives together and didn't delay their dream. 

Ryan Ashley's Husband

Tattoo Artist Ryan announced her marriage to her long-time boyfriend, now husband, Joshua Balz. (Photo: Instagram)

Not long after that, Ashley and her husband, Joshua, welcomed their first son, Atheus DiCristina, on May 16, 2020. The husband and wife have since been occupied caring for their beloved son.

Ryan Ashley's Husband and Son

Tattoo Artist Ryan and her husband welcome their first son. (Photo: Instagram)

With her whooping net worth contributed by her average salary of $31,194, Ryan Ashley is one of the many dreamers who has made great significance with her unstoppable female power and artistic odyssey.

More on Ryan Ashley; The Tattoo Artist

Ryan Ashley Malarkey, born on April 29, 1987, started her journey in the field of arts at a tender age.

With so much enthusiasm bulging inside her in arts and fashion, she got enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue her dreams.

After getting her degree in 2007, she dedicated five years of her life to working as an artist and a fashion designer at a private clothing company.

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After a euphoric moment of knowing what she wanted to do for the rest of her life, Ashley returned to her hometown Pennsylvania. She opened her own tattoo studio in Kingston and began showing off her abilities by inking her clients.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey Tattoo

Clients get impressed by Ryan Ashley Malarkey's tattoos. (Photo: Instagram)

Years of practice and entrepreneurial ventures gave her a big turn in her life.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Tattoo Artist Ryan Ashley shows off her beautiful body inked with her masterpiece. (Photo:

2016's Ink Master gave Ashley a bigger spotlight to bring forth her talent to the world.

Getting crowned as the first Ink Queen in the 8th season of the 'Ink Master,' Ryan Ashley stole millions of hearts through her fearless ambition and a dream beyond the ordinary.

With a total cheque of $100,000 in her pocket and a notable title, no wonder how many perks are on her side after that one big win!

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Proclaiming her spot as the world's top lady tattoo artist, the reality star now spends her time through packed schedules embellishing other people's dreams in their skin.

The ink lord, undoubtedly, had been popularized for her admirable tattoos that many have been dying to get on their skin.