Sam Palladio Secretly Made Co-Star Clare Bowen His Girlfriend? Fixated On Steady Career Or Is He A Gay Man?

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Sam Palladio Secretly Made Co-Star Clare Bowen His Girlfriend? Fixated On Steady Career Or Is He A Gay Man?

Clare Bowen as 'Scarlett O'Connor' portrayed the love interest of 'Gunnar Scott' portrayed by Sam Palladio in 'Nashville'. And fans speculated them to be dating in real life too. So did Sam take this onscreen romance ahead in real life and turn co-star Clare Bowen to his girlfriend or is fixated in career to have a love life? We have a story about his love life.

Did Sam Palladio Have A Co-Star Girlfriend?

Often! the on-screen romances are expected to be a real life romance too but fans speculation of Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen's onscreen romance culminating into real life romance remained to be a wish only as Sam and Clare did not date each other. Their romance was confined onscreen only.

Caption: The on-screen romance between Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen on the Nashville Finale (Published on May 25, 2016).

However, Sam Palladio was rumored to be dating actress Chloe Bennet in the year 2012. They were rumored to be dating and their brief romance was reported but this relationship did not last long. 

And on September 18, 2013, in an interview with E! News in the premiere of his film "Runner Runner' in Las Vegas, Palladio was asked about his relationship status to which he said,

"I am not dating anyone at the moment. I am single,"

 "Not married and no attachments as of yet”

A couple of years have passed but Sam Palladio has not been linked nor has not been spotted romancing anyone. Despite singlehood status, there also remains a possibility of potential girlfriend and secret romance brewing with his girlfriend. 

Previously, he has not admitted to any relationship with a girl and has not been married to have a wife as well. So, he often becomes speculated as gay but only time will unveil the truth of his rumored gay sexuality.

But, Sam Palladio is a father. Yes, he is a father of a whippet. And his Instagram says him being Dad of The River Whippet and the Instagram of The River whippet says his dad's name is Sam Palladio.

All these years Sam Palladio has been busy not with a girl but shaping his career as actor, musician, and singer and this muti-dimensional personality's film credits include Runner Runner and 7 Lives.

His television credit includes 'Nashville', and spoiler alert for the upcoming episodes of Nashville as it has a gay storyline where Sam's character encourages struggling Chris Carmack's character to accept himself as gay which he revealed in an interview.

And has done recurring roles in 'Little Crakers Doctors', 'The Hour' and 'Cardinal Burns'. He is also the lead singer of the band 'Salt Water Thief'.

Sam has a pretty busy schedule but spares time to accompany his Whippet in his free time and enjoys quality time and keeps his followers updated via posts.

Sam Palladio is enjoying his time with whippet but hopefully stumbles upon his soul mate soon and enjoys blissful love life together!