Sandrine Holt Not Thinking To Get Married Again After Getting A Divorce? Or Is She Dating In Secret?

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Sandrine Holt Not Thinking To Get Married Again After Getting A Divorce? Or Is She Dating In Secret?

The failure we suffer is something that always makes us cautious in moving ahead in life; it is something English-Canadian model and actress Sandrine Holt will be able to relate to, as she has suffered heartache in her broken marriage with her former husband.

But is she dating anyone after her marriage with her ex-husband ended? Or is she just not thinking about a relationship after the heartache she experienced?

If you're wondering about the same, then you've hit the right place!

Does Sandrine Have A Husband?

Single now actress is in the state of emotional mistake continuum, which is a state of mind where people are afraid of the same emotional stress coming back to haunt them. People do not want the same thing to happen to them by which they have suffered emotionally in the past.

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That is something that could be the reason Sandrine Holt remains hush about her will to date or get married again after her relationship with her former husband, Travis Huff, ended in a divorce.

Huff and her husband Holt were married from 2004 to 2011, and during their seven-year-long relationship, they had a daughter named Nicolette Huff. 

The relationship was something that was always far from the knowledge of the fans and media, and to no one's surprise, the reason behind the ultimate downfall of their relationship remains confined. 

Sandrine Holt and Ex-husband Travis Hoff were married for seven long years (source:

The fact that she has not opened up about her present dating life means two things, she just does not want any possible failure in her life, and maybe she does not want to put her dating aspect at the risk of being messed up again.

Perhaps, she is happy in her own world, and the love of her daughter seems enough for her.

Sandrine with her daughter and their cat

Sandrine Holt with her daughter Nicolette Huff (source: Instagram)

Captioning "2 cuties upstaged by #marvin," the mother-daughter seem very close and happy.

However, chances do stand that she could be involved in some romantic exchange and could have at least a boyfriend; but she is not willing to go public with it.

So let us see if this amazing actress breaks the ice on the suspense created around her dating life!

But the relationship she had with Hoff shoves all the lesbian rumors that surround her down the drainage, which circulated due to her onscreen lesbian roles. 

Short Bio

Sandrine Holt is an actress, who was born on November 19, 1972, in England; her feature film debut was in 1991 "Black Robe" and now she is known for her successful film and TV credits like "Once a Thief," "Mr. Robot," "House of Cards," "Underworld: Awakening." and "Pocahontas: The Legend."

Her other successful projects include "Fast Food Fast Women," "Resident Evil: Apocalypse," "The Mission," and "Century Hotel." These are some of the gigantic projects in the industry, and the success of these projects certainly has helped her finances majorly.

However, the actual figure of Sandrine's net worth is something that she has opted not to reveal as of now.

As she has not been fond of publicizing details about her family life, it is known that she was born in England and raised in Canada. Also, for those curious to know her ethnicity, she is of Chinese and French descent, which apparently contributed to her stunning look.

Stay with us for the budding updates on Sandrine Holt!