Sophia Pierson Gloomy Over Past Affair With Boyfriend! Giving up on Dating at 26?

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Sophia Pierson Gloomy Over Past Affair With Boyfriend! Giving up on Dating at 26?

Dating and being in love is a wonderful feeling but the heartbreak and breakup can be equally brutal and gut-wrenching. While some people can get over that soon, it might take more time for others to get back in the dating game given the trust issues and being vulnerable to that soul breaking feeling all over again.

Similar is the case for the model and reality star Sophia Pierson. The model who was very much in love with her beau is going through a terrible heartbreak. And it has been since she stepped out of the radar.

Is she over her breakup yet? Or has she given up the whole dating thing? Let's scroll down to find out.

Sophia's Past Affair and Present Dating Scenario:

Sophia considers herself as an Instagram model and is famous for her appearance in the reality show WAGS with her reality star sister Olivia Pierson. WAGS stands for Wives and Girlfriends of Sportspersons. The title itself is pretty much loud and clear.

While the information regarding the relationship of the rest of the crew of the show is out in the open, Sophia played her card differently. She rather built the mystery to her audience and even her sister Olivia who is on the same show.

Everyone was making speculation about the model dating the NHL player Jason Garrison. But that rumor did not last long after the player denied any romantic involvement with Sophia.

Later, in 2016, Sophia confirmed her relationship with the hockey player Denzel Slager and made it public. When asked about Sophia's appearance on the reality show he spilled,

 "I was pretty familiar with the show, but ... I came to the US from Holland, a small country, and everything was new to me, everything. So, I never heard of “WAGS” ... it was new to me."

The couple was so in love with each other that Sophia even hinted their wedding and engagement to her fans by sharing pictures of diamond rings on her Instagram.


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Apart from giving subtle hints about marriage and engagement to the public, Sophia was put in the spotlight after she secretly went out with her sister's boyfriend, Marcedes Lewis. The sisters got into an ugly argument regarding that matter.

Olivia confronted her sister on the show.

"You're so immature, and you're so f--king lame.I saw the photo of you and Marcedes, mid-fashion show. So, thanks!"

To which her sister, Sophia, had a causal reply:

 "Why would you care if I'm hanging out with Marcedes?" How is it even a big deal? We're having drinks, we're doing shots. We're all hanging out."

That was not the only time the sisters got into a brutal fight over the same guy. The Pierson sisters went to Mexico to attend the wedding of Barbie Blank. Olivia's boyfriend Mercedes ditched her at the last moment that got her very upset. At the same time, Mercedes was texting Olivia's sister, Sophia,

Olivia's friend, Natalie, found out and asked Sophia to confess that to her sister. When she did, Olivia stormed out of the wedding.

 "I don't give a f--k, Phia.Are you f--king kidding me?! You're talking to him behind my back?!Are you f--king kidding me? No, no! You don't do that at somebody's wedding!"

But the storm was not only in Olivia's relationship. Rumors of the breakup between Sophia and her boyfriend Denzel started floating in. And the rumor got its confirmation when Sophia shared a heart-breaking Tweet with her fans.

They ended their relationship of three years. The 26-years-old also shared another tweet on the same notion.

 Based on that post, it seems like Sophia is pretty much held back when it comes to dating affairs at her age. Moreover, she does not appear to be linked to anyone after the break up so far.