Steve Damstra Bio, Net Worth, Wedding

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Steve Damstra Bio, Net Worth, Wedding

While the bassist and songwriter may not get the attention like the lead singer or front runner of a musical band, their contribution is crucial for the success and prosperity of the team as a whole.

One of such great songwriters is Steve Damstra, a music composer and songwriter for the American band, Whirlwind Heat.

As one of the founding members, he is involved with the group since its formation and helped compose several of its chart-topper songs. However, in comparison to other members like Brad Holland, Jason Eberspeaker, and David Swanson, Steve's fame seems to have been lost in the oblivion.

Unlike his bandmates, Steve maintains a healthy marriage with his wife, which is uncommon for rockstars mainly due to their drug-induced lifestyle. 

Marries Actress Paget Brewster; No Plans On Having Children

It's been years since Steve tied the marital knot with American actress, Paget Brewster.

The relationship between the two first came to light in 2010 when Paget mentioned that she was dating Steve. She further exclaimed that the music composer had pretended to be her attorney to get a date out of her.

In March 2013, Steve got engaged to Paget by earning a stamp of approval from her parents, Hathaway Tew and Galen Brewster. Paget revealed a beautiful jade ring to mark the beginning of their engaged life on Twitter.

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The couple waited for more than a year to become life-partners, eventually getting married in December 2014 via a fancy wedding ceremony officiated by Paget Brewster's co-actor from Criminal Minds, Matthew Gray Gubler.

Steve Damstra with wife Paget Brewster at their wedding in December 2014 (Photo: Steve Damstra's Instagram)

The years after the wedding has been a joy ride for both Steve and his wife. The duo can often be spotted hanging out, and the pair even celebrated their 2019 Valentine's Day at an undisclosed lake.

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Steve Damstra and wife Paget Brewster celebrate their 2019 Valentine's Day (Photo: Paget Brewster's Instagram)

Paget - with a height of 5' 8" (1.73 m) - had earlier mentioned her intention of having no children. But with time, she might change her mind, and the duo could finally start a family of their own.

Steve Damstra's Bio: Age, Net Worth, Education, And More

Steve was born in the US in 1981. He celebrated his 37th birthday on 21 September 2018. Much of his educational background is not disclosed in his bio, but it is assumed that he has at least graduated high school.

He is one of the founding members of the band, Whirlwind Heat, and has been involved with the group ever since. Further, he has composed music for several movies including The Learning Curve, Excision, and Teenage Cocktail.

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His wife - who ages 49 - is 12 years older than Steve and may have also surpassed him in net worth. As of 2019, Paget Brewster is worth $9 million; however, the net worth of Steve is yet to be revealed.