Susannah Flood Bio, Age, Dating, Family

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American actress Susannah Flood was a relatively unknown figure until...Although the show ended after its second season, Susannah became an established...have a series of lovers on...hasn't mentioned having a boyfriend...
Susannah Flood Bio, Age, Dating, Family

American actress Susannah Flood was a relatively unknown figure until For the People boosted her acting career and made her a household name. Although the show ended after its second season, Susannah became an established actress at the end of it.

And, new opportunities came knocking on her door.

Susannah Flood Bio

Born in New York, Susannah boasts a Caucasian ethnicity derived from her family.

She was talented and athletic from a young age. Precisely, she was a straight "A" kid during her childhood and was much focused on her education, which disabled her from making many friends. Supposedly, she even spent many of her early birthdays alone.

Nevertheless, the actress - with 5 feet 7 inches (1.7m) height - started her career doing Broadway shows The Effect, Tribe, and The Cherry Orchard. She soon moved on to the small screen but, initially settled for minor roles in TV shows like Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU, and Deadbeat.

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She only got her breakthrough playing one of the lead characters in the ABC series, For the People. Although the show was canceled after two seasons, viewers got to see her acting talent.

As of now, Susannah has made a considerable net worth from her average annual earnings of $50,110 as an actress. Also, she is preparing for her role in another stage play, Make Believe.

Onscreen Dating; Partner

While the same can't be said about her real life, Susannah did have a series of lovers onscreen.

Appearing alongside Carter Hudson in the 2016 drama The Effect, the two shared romantic chemistry as two anti-depressant trial patients. Their relationship was praised by critics and viewers alike along with the show. The play's success did boost Susannah's acting career but, didn't help with her love life as she was still single after the show.

Further, in ABC's drama series For the People, Susannah came forward in a different avatar. She portrayed a bisexual female named Kate Littlejohn, who worked as an Assistant US Attorney.

Susannah Flood and Caitlin Stasey in a scene of For the People (Photo:

Throughout her job, Kate befriends an ATF agent called Anya Ooms (played by Caitlin Stasey). After getting introduced at an official meeting, the two partners embark on a short-lived romance. Kate's professional commitment leads her to abandon Anya and her dating life.

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However, the ATF agent wasn't the only one Susannah goofed up in the show. Her character Kate, also had a momentary relationship with Regé-Jean Page's Leonard Knox. Kate even refused to work with him to not mess up her personal and professional life. Unfortunately, their dating is cut-short after Leonard moves to Texas for another job.

Despite numerous onscreen relationships, Susannah is reportedly single in real life and hasn't mentioned having a boyfriend or even a girlfriend.