Sylvia Gani's Bio: Her Age, Nationality, Ethnicity And Dating Affair With Boyfriend that is Just Too Cute To Be True

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Sylvia Gani's bio: Her Age, Nationality, Ethnicity And Dating Affair With Boyfriend that is Just Too Cute To Be True. When two people are head over heels in love with each other then people find them too cute to be true, but such romantic relationship does exist.Sharing a similar story is Sylvia Gani who is happily dating her boyfriend, and their love story is too sweet to handle. So let's know about their love story along with Sylvia Gani's bio.
Sylvia Gani's Bio: Her Age, Nationality, Ethnicity And Dating Affair With Boyfriend that is Just Too Cute To Be True

Relationships are too fragile in today's time. The news of falling relationships and breakup do not surprise anymore. But when two people are head over heels in love, then people find them too cute to be true. But such romantic relationship still exists!

Sharing a similar story is Sylvia Gani, who is happily dating her boyfriend, and their love story is too perfect to handle. Today, let's know more about her love life that many people envy, followed by her short bio.

How Did Sylvia Gani Meet Her Boyfriend? "A Cute Love Story."

It was in 2014 while Sylvia was studying at the University, where she met her boyfriend, Charles Raynor- a comedian and rapper who has a popular YouTube channel ‘WolfieRaps.' The initiation of their relationship is interesting as it has its twist and turns.

Sylvia was in the cafeteria with her friends, chatting and eating, when a random guy approached her and conveyed that his friend was interested in her. He then asked Sylvia for her number, leaving her curious; as to why the person himself did not approach her.

Two minutes later, a tall, light skin guy, Charlie came up and handed over his number to Sylvia and asked her to text. But Sylvia threw Charlie’s number.

After a couple of months, they again crossed path at a party organized by Charlie, where she noticed Charles, and found him cute that time. It immediately led her to regret; how she earlier threw Charlie’s number.

However, with the liquor courage, she went up to Charles and planted her number in Charles mobile. But she later found out that Charles was dating someone else.

Two days later, Charles texted Sylvia to ask about the party and Sylvia replied, saying; that she enjoyed it.

Both Sylvia and Charles got busy with their lives from there on and were dating somebody else.

But what happened next? How did Sylvia and Charles come closer sharing a girlfriend boyfriend relationship?

Sylvia shared her cute love story through her YouTube channel. Give this video a thorough look to find more about their love story.

Caption: Let's watch a sweet love story of Sylvia Gani and her boyfriend, Charles Raynor!  Published on May 1, 2016.

The Instagram post portrays how much this duo is in love with each other.


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Apart from Charles, there is another boy whom Sylvia loves a lot, and he happens to be her little brother Adams.

Sylvia's little brother Adam was featured in a video titled 'Gross Candy Taste Test,' where Adam’s reaction while tasting the candies were priceless.

Caption: Adam’s response while eating candy, published on December 2, 2015.

Sylvia Gani’s Bio:

Popular Youtuber, Instagram star, and vlogger Sylvia Gani was born on October 16, 1994, in Ottawa, Canada. Sylvia is Canadian by nationality, which suggests that her ethnicity is Canadian.

The identity of her parents remains undisclosed, and they have not featured in her videos either. Moreover, she has mentioned about her sister, but similar to her parents; she is yet to feature in Sylvia's videos.

Sylvia published her first video in March 2015, which was a makeup tutorial to achieve a soft ping smokey-eye. From then, she has been giving fresh content mixed with makeup tutorials, makeup challenges, and clothing ideas.

Also, she reviews great makeup products and even shares smart makeup and fashion hacks. In just the duration of two years, Sylvia has successfully reached a milestone of 1.5 Million subscribers on Youtube.

Sylvia is a graduate in Criminology, but she had aspirations of becoming a successful model. However, due to her height of 1.52 meters, she left that idea midway.

Nevertheless, with the rise in her popularity, followed by her extraordinary thoughts on the various makeup products and beauty, she has endorsed reputed cosmetic brands too.

At the age of 22 itself, Sylvia is enjoying her successful career accompanied by a beautiful romantic life with her boyfriend, and together they are giving serious relationship goals to youngsters.