Taliesin Jaffe Wife, Gay, Family, Net Worth

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Taliesin Jaffe Wife, Gay, Family, Net Worth

American voice actor Taliesin Jaffe is a multi-talented figure when it comes to the realm of the Japanese animation field. He is mostly known for dubbing English audio for hit anime shows such as R.O.D The TV and Paranoia Agent. The latter became a stepping point in his career, as the notable Japanese filmmaker Satoshi San directed it.

Likewise, his voice credit isn't just limited to animated shows. He has voiced his performance in a wide range of hit video games such as World Of Warcraft, Street Fighter, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Is He Gay?

Although there are rumors that the actor possesses gay sexuality, this isn't the case at all. He prefers to date both man and woman alike. In 2017, Taliesin hosted special LGBTQ+ episode of the show The Wednesday Club. In the show, he confirmed his bisexual sexuality.

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Many may not be aware of the fact that the cast R.O.D The TV had been hinting about his preference for a long time. During a panel talk at ALA 2011, he gave quite a humorous metaphoric comparison of vampire to being gay.

Is Taliesin Jaffe Married?

The answer to this question has a probability of being a big "NO".Till today, no information or hints about Taliesin's married life exists. Interestingly though on 21st February 2015, Taliesin gave a sneak peek of his girlfriend through a clip on Instagram. But, the reveal only raised more questions among the audiences.

In the small clip, only the silhouette of his girlfriend was visible. However, the actor added that she works as a professional go-go dancer in a nightclub.

However, it's unknown if their relationship has progressed to the point of getting married or if they parted ways.

Recent Years & Net Worth

Besides working as a voice actor with a monthly salary of more than $90K a year, he is also involved in several other projects. As of 2019, Taliesin makes a recurring appearance in the TV show titled Critical Role alongside another voice actor like Matthew Mercer.

Taliesin Jaffe alongside the cast members of the show Critical Role (Photo: nerdgeist.com)

Also, his other sources of income include the average salary of $53K he receives as a screenwriter. Since there is a massive market in anime and pop culture, the artist is financially secured.

Age, Height & Family

Taliesin - height 5 feet & 3 inches(1.6 meters) - was born on 19th January 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Some family members in his family have been affiliated in the movie business one way or another. His grandfather George Axelrod-writer and director- was involved in classic movies such as The Manchurian Candidate.

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Likewise, his father Robert Jaffe is an actor and producer who was famously featured in the movie Honey I Blew Up The Kids. Whereas, his mother works as a casting director and actress.