Tess Holliday Secretly Turned Fiance Into Her Husband? Hiding The Wedding Details?

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American model Tess Holliday is one of the few plus-size models...was named one of the top...also an internet sensation with two married to an Australian artist and businessman...mother to two boys...came forward as a pro-choicer and opened up about her abortion...stands at a height of...weight of...a huge tattoo enthusiast...identified herself as a pansexual...
Tess Holliday Secretly Turned Fiance Into Her Husband? Hiding The Wedding Details?

Tess Holliday is a plus-size model. 

In 2013, Tess was named one of the top plus-size models by Vogue Italia. She is best known for launching an Instagram hashtag movement called effyourbeautystandards- which became a source of inspiration for many plus size women. 

Further, in 2015, Tess became the first model with a clothing size of above 20 to sign with the top modeling agency- Milk Model Management.

Tess Holliday's Marriage Details

Tess Holliday is married to an Australian artist and businessman, Nick Holliday.

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The pair met on Tumblr in 2012 after Nick reached out to Tess and complimented the model on her body-positive stance. They initially became friends and started dating shortly after. 


Tess Holliday with husband Nick Holliday (Photo: ABC)

After dating for a while, the pair reportedly tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony on the occasion of Tess's birthday on 5th July 2015.

Her Children

Tess Holiday is a mother to two boys.

She gave birth to her first son Ryle, with an ex-boyfriend at the age of twenty in 2005. 


Tess Holliday with her sons in January 2020 (Photo: Tess Holliday's Instagram)

Tess welcomed her younger son, Bowie Juniper Holliday, with her husband Nick Holliday on 6th June 2016.

Opened About Abortion

In 2019, after the Ameican states, Alabama and Georgia passed restrictive laws banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, Tess came forward as a pro-choicer and opened up about her abortion.

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She disclosed her personal experience via an Instagram post in May 2019. In the post, she revealed that she had an abortion after two kids because of her mental health issues. The decision to abort her child was painful for Tess, but it was necessary for the well being of her and her family.

In the same post, Tess also stated abortion as healthcare and demanded safe access to abortions. Further, she also appealed her followers to support and donate for organizations that fund secure abortion access.

Some Other Facts

  • Tess was born Ryann Maegen Hoven on 5th July 1985 in Laurel, Mississippi, USA.
  • Tess stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters) and boasts a weight of 127 kg (280 lb).
  • Before starting her career as a model, Tess worked as a makeup artist and a receptionist.
  • During an interview with Nylon in July 2019, Tess identified herself as a pansexual. She revealed that she connects with people on a more intimate level and falls for a soul without seeing gender.
  • Tess is an enormous tattoo enthusiast; almost whole of her body is covered with tattoos, including the faces of Dolly Parton, the drag queen Divine, Mae West, and Miss Piggy.
  • Tess is also an internet sensation with two million followers on her Instagram account.