Thandie Newton Shares Extraordinary Story With Husband & Children, As Wife & Parents

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Thandie Newton Shares Extraordinary Story With Husband & Children, As Wife & Parents

British actress Thandie Newton, known for her impeccable acting skills, has gained a name for herself through her role in HBO hit series Westworld. However, while walking down the course of success and fame, she faced various obstacles among which sexual abuse was one. 

Despite all, Thandie never gave up on love and found the one for herself.

She has successfully turned her dating life to marriage and is enjoying her family time with her husband and children.

Let's take an overview of Thandie Newton's love life down below!

Love, At First Sight, Took To Getting Married; Welcomes Triple Children In Family 

Thandie Newton, who holds mixed ethnicity (Caucasian father and Zimbabwean mother), has a family of her own. She is married to writer-boyfriend Ol Parker and shares an extraordinary love with him.

Prior to getting married wih Parker, she was involved with director John Duigan and led six years of dating life. Despite long-term dating affairs, the two did not work and went their separate ways.

As for her husband, Thandie first met him in a film set in 1996; the time when she was dating another man. Though she openly quoted her then-boyfriend as "really sweet and lovely," but she has kept her boyfriend's identity a secret. Later, she left the man she was seeing away as she fell in love with Ol at first sight.

The very first time her eyes met with Ol, she knew that he was the one with whom she would plan to have a family. At that time, Ol wrote the screenplay called In Your Dreams which was filmed by Thandie in 1997.

Thandie Newton and husband Ol Parker at The Royal Festival Hall on 13 May 2018 in London (Photo:

Being the actress climbing her stairs of success, she realized it was unusual to have writers around the set, but as for Ol he was loved by everyone around and was on the set every day. The more she looked at him, fonder she grew of him. 

In the end, Thandie fell madly in love with Ol. Talking with InStyle magazine, she shared her memories of very first moments with Ol. She said,

"He wrote a screenplay called In Your Dreams that I filmed in 1997. It's very unusual to have writers around on set because directors don't want them there. But they love having Ol around. He was on set every day and I fell madly in love with him..."

Moreover, she expressed that even though she had been in many romantic relationships before she never experienced with any other person what she did with Ol. Despite being pursued by a string of men, nobody ever made her fell the way Ol made her fell. 

Adding to it, she even revealed that her past relationships were mostly based on people wanting to be with her rather than she wanted to be with him. Right after she met Ol, she views towards relationship changed. She said,

"I'd never experienced that before. Up until then, my relationships had always been more based on people wanting to be with me. When I met Ol, I was dating a really sweet, lovely man and I had to leave him straight away, even though I wasn't even going out with Ol!"

Well, she did broke things off with the man she saw after she met with Ol even though she did not see Ol romantically.

As time passed by, she grew fonder of Ol and realized that she wanted to spend rest of her life with him. After two years of meeting him, Thandie tied the nuptial knot with Ol. The duo exchanged the marriage vows in a wedding ceremony in 1998. 

Thandie, who is also known for her role in Beloved, shares three children with her husband Ol who is also a producer and director. The proud parents are Ol are blessed with three kids - Ripley who is 16, Nico, who is 12 and the youngest two-year-old son Booker.