Fox News Reporter Tracee Carrasco Set To Get Married; Meet Husband To-Be

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Tracee Carrasco is a reporter currently associated with Fox News in the position of ...formerly a reporter at...Tracee is all set to get married to her husband...with a settled personal life, she is also heading in a right direction in her career as she earns around...
Fox News Reporter Tracee Carrasco Set To Get Married; Meet Husband To-Be

With an attractive face, charismatic personality and an unparalleled work ethic, Tracee Carrasco is fastly growing in both fame and stature to be considered as one of the most popular journalists of the recent times.

Tracee has struck balance in her life. With her career heading in a right place at a rapid pace, her love life seems settled as well. The reporter has found what she hopes will be the love of his life in the form of her fiance. The couple, who is set to get married soon seem to be desperately in love with each other.

A settled personal life has given Tracee the full freedom she requires to reach new career heights. With her association with Fox News, her salary graph continues to rise giving balance to her hard work and dedication.

Fox News Reporter Ready To Settle Down With Husband To-Be

The Fox News reporter has found love in the form of her going to be husband, Rodrigo. The two who are romantically involved with each other took their relationship to the next level as they got engaged to each other 18 May 2018. Tracee, ecstatic with the news, shared her happiness amongst her fans in her social media account.

Tracee Carrasco engaged with husband-to-be, Rodrigo. (Photo: Tracee Carrasco's Instagram)

Fox News also wished their star anchor all the happiness after their engagement news broke in via their twitter account, which read,

“Our very own @CarrascoTV got engaged this weekend! All the best to Tracee and her fiancé!”

A private person preferring to keep her relationship low-key, Tracee hasn't revealed much about her husband to be. However, her happiness is visible to all as she is seen singing praises about her husband-to-be in her social media accounts.

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The duo, inseparable at times, seems to be the perfect match to each other. Rodrigo has been found supporting his fiancee in every career step she takes and the same can be said about Tracee as well.

With the couple looking to spend as much time together as they possibly can, the marriage-bound couple is seen together in several instances, be it holidaying together or attending any public functions.

Bio Reveals Age, Salary, Ethnicity and Career Information

Though not much has been said by Tracee to confirm her age, her birthday was revealed after several wishes from her colleagues to the former WCBS reporter. Tv agent Micah Johnson wished the Fox News reporter on her birthday on 29 March with a tweet that read,

“Happy Birthday to our @CarrascoTV Hope you had a fabulous day, Tracee. “

Belonging to the ethnicity group of White American, Tracee’s career biography revealed her current position at Fox News as a general assignment reporter.

The reporter has a wealth of experience in her field as she was formerly associated with popular channels like WCBS and WKRN before landing her dream job at Fox News.

Tracee Carrasco (right) on her reporting duties at Fox News. (Photo: Tracee Carrasco' Twitter)

With an average reporter salary at Fox News estimated to be in and around $77k per annum, it would be safe to assume that Tracee exceeds those salary mark with her stand-out reporting duties.

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So, with her salary graph following an inclining trend and her personal life now all but settled, Tracee is all set to achieve unprecedented career heights with her hard work and dedication.