Rapper Trina Dating Status, Age, Net Worth, Real Name Info

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Trina and her boyfriend started dating on...Talking about her experience with dating the rapper, she shared to Page six in 2017 quoting...As per the site Celebrity Net Worth, Trina's net worth is...Her height is...real name of Trina is...he rapper opened up about almost marrying her ex-partner
Rapper Trina Dating Status, Age, Net Worth, Real Name Info

Rapper Trina rose to fame following the release of her debut album, Da Baddest B***h. Her breakthrough album was a movement in the rap industry that was mostly dominated by male artists. 

Likewise, her track 69 Ways was certified gold in the hip-hop charts. Since then, she has gone on to collaborate with high profile artists such as Missy Elliott and Ludacris. 

Furthermore, her talent was recognized at the 2001 BET Award, where she was nominated in the category of Best Female Hip Hop Artist. 

Trina's Dating Status

Trina has been dating Raymond Taylor since 2018. 

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Interestingly, prior to being in a relationship, the two were initially just friends. However, their fellow cast member, Joy Young, from Love & Hip: Miami (2018) urged them to go on a date together in 2018 during the shows 1st season. 

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As a result, Trina and Raymond did as told and started dating that year. Her partner is an entrepreneur, as per

Past Relationships

The reality star dated prolific rapper, Lil Wayne, back in 2005. The relationship was shortlived since they only dated for a year. She shared her experience with dating the rapper to Page six in 2017:

It would have been perfect if the timing was now because then we were too young…You really don’t want to be tied down at 22…He was the first person that I dated in the industry — I was really young, and he was really young, and he was my great friend.

Following the split, Trina started dating NBA player Kenyon Martin. She also shared about her dating scenario to the news source:

I was so deep in love. Almost married, five-year relationship.

But they eventually broke up in 2010 and shared about circumstances under which their relationship crumbled. She shared,

It’s guys, you know? They are not honest, they are not truthful at times…The fact that you are walking around branded with my lips…and the fact that I don’t have anything tattooed of you on me? It was just one of those things that you believed in something solid…and it just became bad. I just had to walk away.It was just not a good situation for me to be in,” while “Wayne was honest and had a pure heart."

Also, the rapper opened up about almost marrying her ex-partner. Moreover, in 2017, Martin opened up a radio interview that he wasn't ready to be committed to Trina legally at that time.

Net Worth

As per the site Celebrity Net Worth, Trina's net worth is $6 million.

Facts About Trina Including Age, Real Name:

  • Trina ( birthname Katrina Le'verne Taylor) was born on 3rd December 1978 in Miami, Florida.
  • She stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters).
  • The reality icon's star sign is Sagittarius.

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  • In 3rd September 2019, Trina's mother lost her life to breast cancer.
  • She has a younger brother who goes by the pseudonym, One Monzta. He is an aspiring rapper and is active on the music streaming platform Soundcloud.