What Is Martha Kelly's Age From The 'Baskets'? Has Any Thoughts on Having A Boyfriend or is Already Dating?

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What Is Martha Kelly's Age From The 'Baskets'? Has Any Thoughts on Having A Boyfriend or is Already Dating?

It is believed that people quickly fall in love with the individual with a good sense of humor. But we have got a list of celebs who is a comedian whose dating life is hard to find, like Daniel Tosh. But does the stand-up comedian Martha Kelly fall in the same category too?

The Baskets actress has been able to make people laugh with her ridiculously funny jokes, but has she been able to get into the heart of someone special? Well, if you're here with the question, you've hit the right place.

Martha Kelly Has A Boyfriend Or Is Already A Married Woman?

Martha Kelly has made many people hold their stomach out of laughter with the jokes that she cracks. Martha specializes in caustic, self-deprecating jokes, and that has undoubtedly played her bookish looks and deadpan delivery.

She has often disclosed many things in a humorous way, but that is not the case when it comes to her personal life.

People often wonder what the partner of the stand-up comedian would look like, and further speculate the dating life of her with the assumption of her having a boyfriend.

On the other side, Martha, who is not so vocal when it comes to her personal life, is active on Instagram but is found sharing humorous tweets about marriage and dating.

Just like the personal life, the California-born actress has been able to keep the details of her parents out of sight of people. She is often found mentioning funny tweets regarding her parents, especially her father.

Other than the jokes through tweets about marriage, dating, and parents, she is not found disclosing much about it, so the facts about her private life are still inside the closet.

How Did She Get In "Baskets"?

The Los Angeles-bred rose to fame after she got cast as aptly named Martha in the FX’s “Baskets” in 2016. Before Baskets, she has never acted much in commercial projects; rather she was used to doing stand-up shows in U.S and Canada.

Talking about the breakout role as Martha, an insurance adjuster, she is a friend of Chip Baskets (Zach Galifianakis) and his twin brother, Dale. She is a friend of Zach off the screen too.

The comedian, who started stand-up comedy at the age of 25, has known Zach Galifianakis since the late 90s through her comedy circles. Talking about the Baskets’ role, she said,

“Zach said not to worry about the acting stuff. He wanted me to act like I would in real life.”

Caption: Martha Kelly talked about her character in the comedy series “Baskets” (Published on Apr 19, 2017).

After outstanding portrayal of the character in the FX comedy series, the actress, who is in her late 40s, landed in the various other show which includes The Half Hour (2016). Moreover, her projects for 2017 include the new season of the Baskets, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Infinity Baby, and American Gods.

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