Why Did Alexandra Krosney Exit Last Man Standing? Was It Because Of Her Boyfriend?

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Why Did Alexandra Krosney Exit Last Man Standing? Was It Because Of Her Boyfriend?

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth 1988-01-28
  • Age 32 Years 3 Month(s)
  • Nationality American
  • Birth Place Los Angeles, California
  • Profession Actress
  • Birth Name Alexandra Benjamin Krosney
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Religion Christianity
  • Relationship Status Single
  • Salary $50,529 (Approx.)
  • Nominees Indie Series Awards(2016)
  • Height/ How Tall? 5 Feet 4 Inches (1.6 Meters)
  • Facebook facebook.com/BringBackAlexandraKrosney
  • Twitter twitter.com/alexkrosney
  • Instagram instagram.com/alexkrosney

American film actress, Alexandra Krosney is definitely on the top brass whenever one has to remember the name that dominated the small screen. The level that she achieved comes after being a part of various famous TV series like Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS although the prominent reason of her success remains her performance in the ABC comedy series Last Man Standing.

But the irony is that her run in the series Last Man Standing was short-lived as she took an exit from the show in 2012. The sudden exit initiated speculations regarding the reason for her exit, but the truth that came out was shocking!

Reason To Quit "Last Man Standing": Boyfriend Or Other Issues

News broke out back in 2012 that Alexandra was making her exit from the American TV series, 'Last Man Standing.' 

Following that, all sorts of speculations came forward trying to figure out the possible reasons for Alexandra to quit the show, out of which the most prominent speculation was that Alexandra quit the show due to her boyfriend reasons. However, it was later proved to be false as it came to light that she was not dating anyone during that interval. 

As for the actual reason, it came after the show's officials reasoned that Alexandra was replaced for some "creative reasons" rather than quitting. As per reports, Alexandra was replaced because ABC favored Amanda Fuller more than Alexandra. 

Along with that, it was also revealed that the show made a couple of cast changes which included Alexandra being replaced by Amanda Fuller for the role of Kristin Baxter, which was initially portrayed by Alexandra.

The officials also brought out the age differences issue as one of the reasons to replace Alexandra for Amanda. As per the show,

“the age difference afforded the show the opportunity to retool the family dynamic.”

Executives even argued that Alexandra was brought in to set the storyline; however, once the story came on the track, Amanda was more suitable for the role than Alexandra.

As for fans, they were quite disappointed with the change in cast, as Alexandra was more easy-going demeanor and the viewers were quite acquainted with seeing Alexandra performing the character of Kristin. 

The whole show was later canceled later in May 2017. ABC announced the cancellation of the sitcom 'Last Man Standing' after the failure of yearly negotiations with 20th Century Fox. Following the announcement, many celebrities expressed their frustration of the cancellation through Twitter. 

Different Celebrities expressing their emotions after ABC announced the cancellation of the sitcom, 'Last Man Standing'

As for Alexandra, she got a lead role in 2014's MTV's dark comedy movie, 'Self Promotion,' which suited her more than the previous series. Despite her exit from Last Man Standing, she didn't suffer a financial backdrop as she has been getting minor roles along with a salary averaging $50,529 a year.

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Alexandra Krosney's Dating Life!

The TV actress has her own personal boundaries when it comes to opening about dating and since her exit from 'Last Man Standing,' she remained relatively private. Neither of interviews nor social media was helpful in figuring out whether Alexandra, in fact, has a dating life or not. 

The only thing Alexandra seems flaunting in social media was her love for her pet, which she does it time and again. Besides her pet, Alexandra was also spotted with the Georgian-American actor, George Finn as per an Instagram image back on 10 March 2017. 


A post shared by alexandra krosney (@alexkrosney) on

Though the image did stir up a rumor, neither of them officially confirmed or denied the tenure of their connection.

Alexandra, age 23 - who celebrates her birthday on 3 February - may not have talked about her boyfriend, but that doesn't mean she is not interested in dating

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In fact, the actress is excited to have a boyfriend but the man can only become her lover if he succeeds in fulfilling her demands. She mentioned in 2017 that she wanted a man who was tall and handsome. Further, she also expressed that her dream guy should remain quiet and let her do all the talking.

While Alexandra can easily find a man who fulfills her first two requirements, fans wonder if she is insisting on dating a mute guy.