Enhance Your Beginner Upper Body Workout Session With This Simple & Proper Cardio schedule!

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Enhance Your Beginner Upper Body Workout Session With This Simple & Proper Cardio schedule!

According to data of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, USA, 68.8% adults are overweight or obese. Do you fall under the same category? Are you searching ways to reduce your stubborn fat? And does the gym and workout intimidate you? Don't worry; we are here to serve you!

At first, you need to promise yourself and be determined to have control over the food you consume and finally, you need to exercise to be back to your normal weight.

Any form of exercise which releases sweat is good. And cardiovascular exercises is the one which accelerates your heartbeat and makes you sweat, and is achievable as well.

Cardio Exercise:

Each one of us admires a fit body and to achieve that, one needs to workout and blast the excess fat from your body. One of the most recommended exercises is cardiovascular, which is any movement of the body that increases your heart beat and is responsible to increases the blood circulation throughout your body.

The key benefit of cardio is that regardless of any form of the cardio, it burns off the excess calories in your body. Cardio improves the health of your heart and increases metabolism; it helps to lose or maintain weight and decreases appetite as well. Thus, you lose weight and move in the direction of achieving your desired version.

Let’s move on to the exercises targeted for a beginner, which focuses on upper body workout and this training session would be fun as well as productive. Complete each exercise in 2 to 3 rounds and perform each of 30 to 60 seconds.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jacks; an ideal workout for cardiovascular exercise.

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Jumping Jack is a perfect cardio move. To perform jumping Jack, keep your feet together, arm sideways and core engaged.

Then jump as you put your legs apart, move hands over your head and clap at the top. Then bend your knees and jump back and place your legs together as your bring your arms down. Keep repeating as quickly as possible.

Inch Worm:

Perform Inch worm and get closer to the better version of yourself.

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Stand and part your legs in the hip width and tighten your core. Bend down from the waist and place your hands on the ground keeping your legs straight, and walk your hands forward.

When you reach high plank, quickly walk backward, toward the feet, with the help of your hand and stand tall. Start slow and increase the pace.

Plank Jacks:

Plank Jacks, the favorite of many to get pumped up and charged up.

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Plank Jacks is a high plank position with your feet together. Hop your feet as far as possible and softly land on your toes. Further jump back together and repeat the process as quickly as you can.

Plank To Knee Tap:

Plank to knee exercise is fun to perform and loved by many.

Photo Credit: womenshealthmag.com

Start plank to knee tap, in a high plank position, keep your core engaged while shifting back as you touch your left knee with your right hand. Now return to the high plank position again and repeat the same thing with your left hand. Try to move as quickly as possible while maintaining the form.

Long Jump With Jog Back:

Perform Long jump log back as shown in the gif to receive the benefits of exercise.

Image Credit: rozanehonline.com

Stand on your feet at hip-width distance and slightly bend your knees. Swing your arms backward and bend a little more, then, jump forward as far as possible on your feet and land lightly on the ball of your feet. Now swiftly jog backward on the starting point and repeat the steps as quickly as you can.

A workout schedule can be tedious, and one needs a source of motivation to focus and keep pushing yourself more so the music plays a vital role. The choice of workout music to motivate you depends on your preference of song, and you need to discover it yourself.

However, the popular choices of workout playlist include energetic music like extreme metal, hip-hop, rock, dance, electronic or 90s pop.

Exercise is the only thing which anybody else cannot do it for you. You need to get motivated yourself and do it realizing it's health benefits. Usually, people mistake workout as a way of weight loss, but it is much more than that; it is a conscious decision to be fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And people who just started workout to reduce weight further have gone to do bodybuilding workout too. But your exercise solely won't do the magic as the food you consume plays a vital role in showing visible results of your workout. And it's never too late to move towards a healthy lifestyle.