How to Control Anger: Smart Ideas TO Control Your Anger And Get Calm

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How to Control Anger: Smart Ideas TO Control Your Anger And Get Calm

You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger. - Buddha

Anger is an emotion that is healthy to some extent, but if anger crosses a certain limit, then it can be very dangerous.  Anger helps us to express our hidden feelings and emotions and make us feel lighter, but if the same anger increases beyond the limit, then it can be explosive. Anger has more adverse effects than positive. It can harm your physical and mental health, and it can destroy your relationships. Anger can lead to health issues like stroke, depression, anxiety, headaches, heart problems, muscle pain, etc. Anger can trigger due to different reasons such as- It may be genetic or due to a psychological disorder, or it can be caused due to some other reasons. Do you get angry even in silly things? Do you burst out on your family members and colleagues without good reason? If you usually get angry and feel that anger is ruining your health and relations, then this article can help you to know how you can control your rage.

Tips to Manage Anger

Don’t worry if you are having a problem in managing anger. Here are some tips that can help you manage your anger:

1) Take a deep breath:

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If you are angry with anyone, the first thing you should do is just calm down and take a deep breath. Breathing in and out is a great technique to reduce stress and it works greatly to decrease anger. Start to inhale and exhale slowly and feel your breath. Repeat such action until you feel relaxed. This tip will help you a lot to reduce your anger.

2) Drink water:

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You can drink cold water if you are angry as water can immediately give you a cooling effect. When we get angry, our temper gets high, and sometimes we can even feel our heartbeat rate going high, and this condition can be controlled if we drink water. Not just once but if you keep on drinking 8-10 glasses of water regularly, then this will help you in future days to control your anger.

3) Think wisely before you speak:

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When we get angry, we forget where we are and with whom we are talking. We cannot take back the words which we have already spoken and by chance, if we say something harsh then it might hurt someone, and we might even make our relations weak by talking without thinking. The situation cannot get better if we keep on speaking whatever comes to our mind. We must be sensible while speaking especially when we are angry.

4) Go and sit alone:

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Sometimes it’s necessary to sit alone to reduce tension and anger. If you want to get out of your anger, then it's better if you sit alone for sometimes rather than showing your rage to the one with whom you are angry. Anger gives nothing, but it will surely give pain in return. So, instead of fighting and shouting, you can better go and sit somewhere where no one can disturb you.

5) Cry out:

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If someone makes you angry and if anyone or anything hurts you it’s better to cry in alone than fighting with others. We can be a good friend of ourselves and instead of getting angry we can go and sit somewhere and cry out. If tears are hidden for long, it will give lots of pain so better cry hard and take all the anger out of your mind and heart. It’s not that you must always cry but if something is creating pain in the core of your heart then crying out can be a good remedy instead of getting angry.

6) Try to Divert your mind:

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When we get angry, we just don’t see anything and keep on yelling, shouting and thinking about the same incident again and again. If you do this, then it's harmful to own health so better try to divert your mind somewhere else. For example- If you are angry with your family member then before starting any fight, you can just go somewhere where you find peace, or you can watch an entertaining movie, you can even go for a walk or listen to music. Once you divert your mind, you can surely control your anger.

7) Do exercises and meditation:

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Doing exercise on a regular basis is a healthy habit. Our mind and body need relaxation and if you usually get angry then its surely not good for your health, so exercising helps to make you physically fit, and it helps in managing anger too. We all know that meditation is great to relieve stress and you must meditate daily to keep your mind sound and to reduce anger.

8) Sleep

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Sleeping is a good medicine that can make us fresh and if you are angry you can better go and sleep for sometimes. In other normal days also if you get enough sleep, your body and brain can function properly and sleep enough can help you to manage your stress and anger.

9) Remember all the negative aspects of anger:

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After you get angry, instantly think about all the negative aspects of anger. Think that how bad this anger is to you and try to find a solution to the problem rather than getting angrier. If you regularly remind yourself about negative aspects of anger, you will never think of getting angry.

10) Think positively:

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We can see that the people who take all the things positively are much happier than the ones who keep on talking and thinking negatively. Positive thought can give rise to civil behavior, and if you frequently get angry, then you can practice staying positive. If you take others point of view positively, you will never have anger towards anyone. Practice a lot to be positive, think positive, speak positive and hear positive as if you acquire positivity in your life then anger will diminish by its own.

11) Learn to Forgive:

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A person with a generous heart can only forgive others. Not always but sometimes we should learn to forgive others. None of us are perfect, and all the humans make mistakes so we should have a heart that is big enough to forgive. If you forgive others, then it will be beneficial to yourself as it will help you to control your anger. No one gets happiness by getting angry so we should learn to see the positive side of things rather than its negative part.

12) Take help of specialists if needed:

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If your life is getting affected by your habit of getting angry and if you are not able to manage anger properly then you can seek help from a specialist.

Life goes positive if we tackle with all the difficulties of life with a smile on our face. Anger can ruin important parts and excellent relations of our life. If we carry a grudge in our heart, then we can never be happy so we should never get angry and we should always spread happiness and positivity. I hope this article helped you to know some simple techniques that can help you control your anger.