How To Score Good Marks In Exam: Effective Tips For Exam Preparation

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How To Score Good Marks In Exam: Effective Tips For Exam Preparation

“Winners don't do different things; they do things differently.”

Some students secure good marks in exam while some just cannot score marks that they wanted to. Many of us panic during exam time and some of us even don’t know from where to start reading for exams. All the students are different, and they all have a variety of ideas and techniques to learn for an exam and all of them score marks in varying ranges. Sometimes we may know answers to all the questions, but due to fear and tension of exam, we tend to spoil our exams. If we are aware of simple techniques to study and if we make out how to attend the exam correctly then it’s sure that all of us can score excellent marks in the exam. To secure good marks in the exam, we can do numerous things which are simple and very useful too. If you are worried and tensed due to the upcoming exam and want to get A+ mark in all the subjects then from this article, you will surely get the solution to your problem.

Follow the tips given below if you want to achieve good marks in the exam:


1) Attend your classes regularly

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It’s very necessary to attend all the classes regularly if you want to get success results in the exam. Teachers provide information regarding many important topics in the class hours and sometimes just listening to the lectures of teachers will help us a lot during exam time. Teachers are there to guide us, and if we miss classes, we will miss the guidance and then it will be hard for us to cope up with all subject altogether. Attend all the classes and be attentive in your class hours if you want to increase your marks

2) Make a habit of taking notes

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Notes are essential as it gives us an accurate idea about all the topics we have discussed in our class. Even while we read at home, we can make notes for our convenience. During exam times we might not have enough time to go through all the lessons and all the stuff, so it will be very easy for us to read if we prepare notes before and start reading it. While we make notes, we can sum up all the chapters in a single copy. You can make different notes for various subjects.

3) Make a study timetable

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Students should be disciplined, and a timetable will bind the student in some boundary and give them a clear vision regarding their study plan and other plans. Make an ideal timeline mentioning at what time you should read which subjects. You can make weekly or monthly timetable as per your wish

4) Take small breaks in your study hours

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Studying continuously is not a good idea as if you read hours and hours continuously without a break it will make you feel dull and bored. Taking small breaks between your study hours will help you to get energized and active. At first, you might feel lazy to study within 20 minutes of reading, so just keep on taking breaks after you read for few minutes. First, read for 20 minutes and rest for 10 minutes and later gradually decrease the break time and increase your study time from 1-2 hours.

5) At first study for few hours

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It will be hard for you to read for hours and hours in your first attempt. So, be slow and at first make a habit of studying for few hours. Start from one hour then later, at last; you can end up reading till 5-6 hours or even more hours a day. “Don’t try to run unless you know how to walk properly.” At first, it will be hard to read for many hours, but if you keep on practicing to learn, gradually you will increase your study hours

6) Read little but make a habit of reading regularly       


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Regular study is a must if you want to get good marks in the exam. Review for less time but make sure that you open your books and read at least once a day. You should make a habit of reading daily. If you acquire such habit, it won’t be hard for you during exam time.

7) Study with friends or study in group

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We might feel bored when we read alone but when we gather with friends and have combined study we can read for more hours without getting tired. We can teach each other and solve all the problems together. When we see our friends reading, we too feel like studying.

8) Make your study interesting by different ways

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  • Use colorful pen while preparing your notes
  • Finish the first chunk and give reward to yourself and then move to the second chunk
  • Use flashcards while studying
  • Highlight the relevant topics
  • If you want, you can even listen to music while studying
  • Make piece of study topics

9) Meditate regularly

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Meditation helps to increase concentration power. A student must meditate daily and increase his/her focusing ability. If you have the problem of forgetting things that you have studied before then meditation will be a great solution for you. Your memory will get sharp if you meditate in a regular basis.

10) Focus on quality rather than quantity while studying

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You don’t have to read for many hours but whenever you read have full concentration on your books. If anything distracts you from reading then avoid those distractions, however, you can. You might study for many hours, but if your mind is not concentrating on your study matter, then there is no use of such studies whereas if you study only for two hours and give your full attention only in your lesson, then it is far better.  Remember that while studying quality matters than quantity.

11) Feel relaxed during your exam time

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Most of us panic during our exam time, and we spoil our exam due to this. So, before attending exam take a long breath and feel relaxed. Once you feel, relax you can think properly and write smoothly. Throw all the tensions out of your mind after you enter your exam hall and be calm and cheerful.

12) Learn to manage time and be an excellent presenter

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Time management is a great skill. All of us might not be able to manage time during the exam. So, first allocate time for each question before you go to attend the exam and later you can use your time-management skill while attending your exam. In your exam do not forget to take a watch with you. And along with the managing time you also must be an excellent presenter while writing answers. Your answer paper must look neat and clean and also make sure that your handwriting is neat enough.

All of us want to secure good marks in the exam and acquiring excellent marks in exam becomes easy if we know some basic techniques to study and to attend the exam. We should make a habit of reading regularly, and such practice will help us a lot during the exam time. If you are studying during last hour for exams then also don’t panic but make sure that whatever you read you give your full concentration to it, as focus can help you a lot to attain good marks.