Citizens Take on the Streets in Opposition To Trump's Unexpected Victory!

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Citizens Take on the Streets in Opposition To Trump's Unexpected Victory!

When the Republican candidate Mr. DolnlaTrump has already rocked the Washington DC by his victory as the 45thpresident of United States, thousand of peoples are on the streets in opposition to Trump’s unexpected victory as Clinton was expected to make her way to the White House. No doubt, the 2016 US presidential election results has already brought shock waves, horror, sadness and some hopes to the people out there.

Thousands of people across the nation are protesting outside the White House and streets of the country yelling

 "Not my President, not today." 

As the billionaire real estate developer, Trump conquered the presidency; demonstrators gathered in the city from Boston to Los Angeles to protest the election results.

Caption: Thousands of protesters the nation are gathered yelling "Not my President, not today."


The protest is going on in the cities like Texas, Boston, San Fransisco, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, and Washington. Likewise, many crowds headed towards the Trump tower using a common slogan aimed at the newly elected President.

Caption: The results of 2016 presidential election have brought thousands of peoples to the street for the protest.

Source: ABC

One of the women among the demonstrators said to CNN  on the Wednesday nights-

"It's been really frustrating, because as a nation we thought we had come so far but it seems like we're taking many steps back, so we want to come together to change that and make sure we keep going forward."

Likewise, a college student said-

"I still can't believe I have to protest for civil rights."


Caption: People are protesting against Donald Trump’s presidency freely and fearlessly on November 9, 2016.