Behind The Show! Darci Lynne Grabs A Lot Of Attention On America's Got Talent; Which She Deserves

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Behind The Show! Darci Lynne Grabs A Lot Of Attention On America's Got Talent; Which She Deserves

Following the footsteps of Grace Vanderwall, the winner of America's Got Talent in the prior season; Darcy Lynne Farmer displayed her Semifinals 1 performance on Tuesday night.

The performance last night was indeed quite successful, as she didn't just grab the eyes of the viewers but won praises and standing ovations from three judges as well.

The ongoing Season 12 of America's Got Talent is now at an exciting moment, as the semi finals have just begun and with yesterday's performance of the ventriloquist, Darcy, the engrossment has elevated significantly.

Caption: Performance of Darci with her puppet Edna; Semifinal-1. (Published on Sep 5, 2017).

Darci's performance in the semis yesterday was her third performance, as she has already executed two other acts; "Summertime" and "Who's Lovin You" previously.

She has also earned a Golden Buzzer from Mel B in her audition, and most surprisingly, she is Gold Derby's pick to win the current season of the show.

After watching the performance of Darci with her naughty old woman puppet, Edna; the three judges (Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel) gave her a standing ovation and even praised her with beautiful words. The fourth judge, Simon Cowell, however, conveyed his message through a brief grin.

Cowell praised Darci starting off with a funny confession of him having a crush on Edna. He divulged,

 “Edna, I’ve got a bit of a crush on you. Darci, you are in big trouble but that aside, this was brilliant. And let me tell you why it was brilliant, because you’re funny and you’ve got a wicked sense of humor and I’m imagining in my head now, kind of a ‘Sesame Street’ type of show for you. I think you are heading, when I say the big time, this is big, this is where you’re heading, young lady.”

Then, one of the judges, Mel B spoke and praised her saying that she is already a winner for her.

“The first moment you walked onto this stage, I was just mesmerized. You’re self-taught, you’re 12 years old, I hit that Golden Buzzer and I said to myself, ‘She can easily, easily win this show, 100 percent. 100 percent.’ You’ve just got what it takes, and in Armenian we would say, sirum yem k’yez, I love you. She’s incredible.”

When it was Klum's turn, she also started with her beautiful words for the talented girl and tagged her for taking ventriloquism to the next level.

“My gosh, you really are a class act. You know what, you’re bringing ventriloquism to the next level. Who knew that you could make so many different voices? You’re incredible.”

Finally, Mandel spoke for the performance and called the night as one of the most fantastic nights on AGT to have witnessed Darcy's act.

“This is amazing. What a night. This has been one of the most amazing nights we’ve ever had on ‘AGT.’ You, young lady, have a great chance of winning it. It’s amazing. Only five can go through, so you should be one. America’s gotta vote. And I think Simon, you’re amazing, that you can actually make a puppet feel like a natural woman!”

With yesterday's performance, the girl most probably seems to be entering into the finals. However, we have to wait for the final result to see how Darcy's journey proceeds.

A Short Wiki-Like Bio Of Darci Lynne Farmer:

Darci is a 12-years-old daughter of her parents; Clarke and Misty Farmer and was born on October 12, 2004, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is one of the four children in the family, as she has three brothers, namely Nick, Dalton and Nate Farmer.

Darci asked her parents for a puppet on her 10th birthday to help her overcome her shyness. Her parents indeed surprised her with a puppet, and now the world is witnessing her profound talent.

The ventriloquist, Darci is also a singer and comedian and used to train to become an elite gymnast. Before performing in AGT, she has previously performed in Little Big Shots UK, and a local talent show called Edmond's Got Talent.

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