Presidential Election Latest Update: Donald Trump Secures Win over Hillary Clinton in Florida!

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Presidential Election Latest Update: Donald Trump Secures Win over Hillary Clinton in Florida!

There has been a surprising turn of events in the battleground, as Republican candidate Donald Trump has turned the tables on his Democratic adversary, Hillary Clinton by taking an early lead by winning over Florida.

Following Florida, the states of North Carolina and Ohio have also called for Donald Trump while Hillary Clinton has declared her win over Virginia. Though Clinton still possesses a great chance at victory, the shocking lead of Donald Trump’s win over Florida has indeed reduced her chances.


Caption: Trump Wins Florida, Clinton Wins Washington | 2016 Election Results on November 8

After Trump had won in Florida at 11:30 earning the crucial 29 points, it proved to be a game changer alongside his win over North Carolina and Ohio. Trump has made an unexpected boost in the elections with him and Clinton going in a neck to neck which until yesterday was expected to be an easy win for Hillary Clinton. However, with such a sudden shift in votes of the state, there are chances of a recount occurring. The election rules state that there has to be a 0.25 percent difference amongst the candidates for a recount to happen. US lawyer, Benjamin Ginsberg concluded,

“Ultimately, as the night spreads, it is very rare for states within the margin to actually have a recount, but it’s awfully exciting right now.”

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is showing better chances with states like Michigan and Wisconsin that haven’t sided with a Republican party since 1992 and 1984 respectively are inclining to Trump. Even in Pennsylvania Hillary is barely leading with a 2 percent difference in a state that Republicans have constantly been spending time and money for due to its attractive 20 points.

If Hillary Clinton manages to take over  Nevada, Michigan and Iowa than she could quickly come over Trump once again. The points from Alaska who remains undetermined towards any of the party will also play a vital role in the elections.

But for now, the match has turned on Hillary. Final exit polls prepared by Fox News show Hillary at a 4 point lead over Donald Trump while Reuter that until morning had shown around 90 percent probability of Hillary Clinton to win now shows Hillary at a slim 22.2 percent while Trump’s at a staggering 83.3 percent.

Total Control to Trump:

If Donald Trump takes over in the White House, there is a good chance that he would also take control of the state Senate having already retained the House of Representatives. Having control over both the Houses of Congress, he will then also have the authority to appoint a new Chief Justice.


Caption: To win, Donald Trump needs Florida on November 2, 2016

It seems like what Trump said to his followers and supporters during the election campaign; he made his statement with his big win. Here is the Twitter made by Trump on 2 November 2016.

Many supporters of Trump also took to their Twitter to congratulate Trump on his big win.

As of the present status at 5:25 am, Republican Candidate Trump has the edge over Hillary regarding Electoral College votes with 244 points and only 26 votes to win in opposition to Democratic Candidate Clinton’s 215.