US Presidential Election Update: Hilary Clinton Claims Victory over Trump in Dixville Notch Midnight Vote!

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US Presidential Election Update: Hilary Clinton Claims Victory over Trump in Dixville Notch Midnight Vote!

November 8, 2016 –  When half of the citizen is waiting for their first lady President the victory news of Hillary Clinton in Dixville Notch further boosted the morale of her supporters

After 18 months of hard work, the news of victory from the Dixville Notch has added an extra jubilant and hope for the President position.

The Dixville Notch became the first place to declare the news of election in the entire nation. Hillary won against Trump with two votes. The tiny village of Notch comprised of eight adults. Hillary secured the victory when she was given four votes while Trump was given two votes and Gary Johnson was given two votes.

In a faraway region situated between the Maine and Canadian borders the small North, Hampshire town came alive due to the most long awaited election day. The election in the village was not conducted with any latest voting polls; instead, the voting was carried out in the traditional practice which was practiced before half century.

Caption: Hillary Clinton wins in the New Hampshire on 7th November 2016 as posted on Youtube.

The voting took place in the Ballot Room of the Balsams Grand Resort. The resort had been shut down since last five years for the process of restructuring. The storied room was used for the voting process. The decision to conduct the vote in midnight took place when Wayne Urso, Millsfield's election officer proposed the idea to the adults of the village and when they gave consent to proceed it. He said:

"We actually have a population here. They may be registered to vote there, but if you ask them where they live, you'll find that nobody actually lives there. We had a meeting of all the voters because all the voters can probably fit in my living room and everyone said yes.”

Well, although the adults of the community have no interest in the politics but their votes have definitely initiated the victory for Hillary Clinton. While her supporters are still enjoying the victory and they expressed their happiness through their Tweet for Hillary Clinton.

This win is indeed the big win for Hillary Clinton.