Everything You Need to Know about Aaron Marino

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Everything You Need to Know about Aaron Marino

If you're active on YouTube, you have most likely come across a video from Aaron Marino, under his channel name 'alpha m.' He has been creating content that revolves around men's grooming since 2008 and has amassed over 6 million subscribers.

What you might not know is that his wife was the helping hand behind Aaron's YouTube success. So let's take a deeper look inside this YouTuber's personal life.

Aaron Marino's Wife

Aaron is married to his wife, Tracey Woodward. The pair got married in 2007 and have been together ever since.

However, their love story dates further back. The pair dated for five years before eventually deciding to tie the knot, but it wasn't always an easy journey for the two.

In a YouTube video, Marino and his wife revealed that they had actually broken up once when they first started dating. Apparently, Tracey had just gotten out of a serious relationship and was not ready for another big commitment. 

She hesitated on taking the relationship further and called it quits, but fate had different plans for them. Tracey later realized that she was making a mistake by letting Marino go and couldn't resist winning him back.

Aaron Marino With His Wife

Aaron Marino With His Wife (Source: CelebSuburb)

And so, their story turned into a solid relationship. Moreover, two years after their marriage, Tracey gifted her husband a video camera. Aaron had not started YouTube back then and dealt with major financial issues.

As a result, the camera stayed in its box for two years. And it was only in 2008 that Aaron got the idea to start a YouTube channel, and he saw tremendous growth from thereon.

Over the years, he became a staple face in the YouTube community, and his wife was always there beside him. Yet, surprisingly, he refrains from revealing her face on his channel to respect her privacy. 

For almost two decades, the couple has been together and has turned into a beautiful family. They do not have any children, but their four pet cats keep them busy.

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Moreover, Aaron and his wife are career-oriented people, so their entire focus is invested in their professional endeavors.

Through Aaron's hard work and dedication, alpha m. has become a brand on YouTube, and he is also running businesses outside of his online presence.

More on Aaron Marino

Aaron was born on May 19, 1976. His age is 45 years as of 2021, and he still looks as young as ever.

The YouTuber stands at the height of 5'6". It might be considered short, but it's typical of Aaron that he has charismatically accepted the fact and is proud of it.

Apart from his YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers and 1 billion views, he is also a business owner.

He runs Tiege Hanley, Stubble Buddy, Pete and Pedro, and Enemy, all brands that cater to men's grooming and self-care, an area he is popular in.

He has garnered a substantial net worth from those ventures. Besides his channel and businesses, his earnings also come from paid advertisements and sponsorship deals.

While a fixed number hasn't been set on his net worth, it is sure to be in the hundred thousand to the millions range.

His channel and business continue to grow, so he doesn't have much to worry about in the financial department. His personal life is also content with his partner, and his pets keep him company.