Andy Adler's Reason for Leaving Her Work - Illness?

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Andy Adler's Reason for Leaving Her Work - Illness?

A notable sportscaster of WPIX, Andy Adler's sudden departure from her role as a sports anchor in September of 2021 left people guessing the reason behind it. 

While some doubted the reason to be some illness, some just thought it was part of her career as she previously used to work in NBC's 'Today in LA' and was a sports anchor for FOX. 

Andy, who has shown herself to be a fitness enthusiast, has garnered substantial attention for her weight loss in the past. But, is there any news of her illness recently? 

Andy Adler's Illness & Weight Loss

First, off the bat, let's clear one thing. No, Andy does not suffer from any illness, and neither has her career been affected by her illness. 

She is healthy and well, and that is what matters. 

So now, as the speculation on her illness is out the window, we know you would like to know more about her weight loss. 

Sorry to disappoint you; there is not much on her weight loss. But hey, we do have something that might interest you. Adler has had a weight loss but hasn't revealed anything about it.

However, we might just know how she has achieved the goal. 

Its fitness!

She has been very much involved in fitness, and as a result, she has maintained her awe-worthy figure and supposedly away from a major illness. 

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As a sportscaster herself, it is no wonder that she is highly interested in sports. After all, it only makes sense as she is fantastic at her job. 

Adler's energetic aura and electrifying presence show how active she is when she is interviewing sports personally and briefing about any sports happenings. 

She always keeps one foot forward whenever the situation has to do something with sports. 

Whether it's going head to head on a table tennis match or learning boxing from a pro boxer, she takes up any challenge and makes sure to give her all. 

Yes, one time when she was interviewing the boxing champ, Heather Hardy, she asked her to teach her some boxing movies. 

Well, next thing we know, Andler is on the ring throwing some impressive punches. 

What a sweet soul she is!

Well, her presence will surely be missed in Pix11 as she was one big ball of energy, to say the least. 

Andy Adler in Her Office with Colleagues

Andy Adler in Her Office with Colleagues (Source Instagram)

She took to her Instagram to share it to her social media fans and followers that she would be leaving the news channel. 

Sharing an emotional video that included pictures of all of her amazing memories in the channel she wrote, 

It feels a bit surreal to write this, but here we go. Today is my last day at Pix11. It’s been said many times before that ‘home is where the heart is’ and in many ways, this has been my home. 

She then concluded her bittersweet announcement by letting her followers know that this was not the end and she was "excited for the next chapter." 

She told everyone that she would soon be updating them, but she hasn't made any announcements so far. 

Guess the next chapter in her life is still molding its shape. 

However, as of February 6, 2022, she shared a video of what seems to be her daily run (another testament to her being a fitness freak) and showed her followers the terrain she was about to cover. 

Andy Adler is glowing in the video, which only means one thing life is content for this sportscaster.