Is Bobby Wagner Married? Who Is His Baby Mama?

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Is Bobby Wagner Married? Who Is His Baby Mama?

Bobby Wagner, an American football quarterback, is one of those players who has magic in his boots. He has been mesmerizing his fanbase with his astounding gameplay.

His colossal career makes him stand out as one of the sought-after athletes, but recently fans have also brought their queries regarding his wife and bombarding the internet with the question 'is Bobby Wagner married?'

So Who Is Bobby Wagner's Wife? 

Getting straight to the point while wiping off your curiosity, Bobby has made no revelation regarding his love life or having a wife.

He has always been a private person who keeps personal issues from the media. So, having a wife or someone special has always been a mystery.

Bobby has never let the spotlight reach out to the part of his life he does not wish to make public. By now, he has never really mentioned having a girlfriend or wife.

However, he has revealed having a daughter while keeping her away from the limelight, which also sparks curiosity amongst his admirers regarding his wife.

He entered fatherhood in 2009 when he welcomed his adorable daughter. But, in the same year, he was faced with a tragedy when he lost his dear mother. 

Bobby Wagner with his daughter

Bobby Wagner with his daughter (Image Source: Las Vegas Sun)

But, God sent him an angel as compensation. Bobby had lost his mother to a stroke. That is why he always ensures to use his voice to spread awareness about stroke.

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A few years back, on the occasion of Stroke Awareness month, Bobby shared a personal story with many people.

He talked about losing his mother during his freshman year in college in 2009. To her respect, he added on how strong of a person she was and how important she was to him.

And, he mentioned that the American Strokes Association could be a resource to a majority of the families and could prevent them from losing someone precious to stroke.

His mother is still in his reminiscences. But, have you ever wondered why a topmost quarterback of America still has his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles intact?

His passion for the Ninja Turtles has never died. Moreover, he also owns a green turtle shell backpack.

He ensures to carry that backpack on fancy team planes and has it on rugged locker rooms.

Moreover, in 2014 when someone broke into his car and stole all his essentials, Bobby only wished to get a backpack out of his stolen belongings.

He just had that particular request from the perpetrators. And, well, he got it back. It’s not his obsession with backpacks, but it’s his never-ending love for his mother.

His mother gifted that backpack on his birthday, and he still cherishes the present he had several years back.

But, as mentioned earlier, God did snatch a crucial part of his life but embellished his journey with a beautiful present, his daughter, Quinncey Wagner. Bobby also said, 

That was such a crucial time in my life. I lost somebody, but I also gained somebody.

To the little angel, who made an entrance to his life, he ensures to shower her with happiness while fulfilling all her wishes.

From taking her to Disney land to having fun with her in the arena during his game time, the doting father never fails to shower love to his little girl.

Although he is proud to flaunt his fatherhood, he has not yet revealed who his baby mama or wife is. 

But despite the secrecy, the adorable father and daughter duo are spotted multiple times together, leaving everyone in awe.