Bootsy Collins's Electrifying Net Worth! More on His Wife

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Bootsy Collins's Electrifying Net Worth! More on His Wife

A renowned musician, singer, and songwriter, Bootsy Collins is one of the most recognizable faces in the music industry. He has paved a path that inspires millions of his followers today.

Besides holding a colossal professional career, he has made sure to fill in the palette of colors with joy alongside his family members. Today, this renowned singer has garnered net worth in millions along with the support of his beautiful wife and son.

Bootsy Collins’s Wife

Bootsy has been lucky to have a loving wife, Patti Collins, by his side for several decades who never ceased to walk with him through every walks of his life.  

Having witnessed their alluring chemistry, it would not be wrong to say they are a perfect definition of 'match made in heaven.'  

Bootsy had his spouse beside him since he was just starting out his musical journey, and to this date, she fills him with immense positivity that helps him stay focused on his work.

His wife has held his hands for really long and has also helped him get sober in the mid-80s. After years of knowing each other and bonding, they finally married in 1996.

Bootsy Collins alongside his beautiful wife Patti

Bootsy alongside his beautiful wife, Patti (Image Source: Feat)

Today, alongside his wife, Bootsy has been running the Bootsy Collins Foundation, where they help in the children’s musical development, growth, and education.

Patti has been standing still like a backbone to her dear husband, Bootsy, whether helping him evolve in the musical industry or helping him through his personal life. 

Moreover, she has also been working as his manager right beside him so that she can shower him with as much support as possible.

This adorable couple also shares a son named Ouiwey Collins. Their son has also been walking in their footsteps, and today he is immensely passionate and dedicated to music.

Ouiwey has been lifting his wings high as a musician. However, the classic yet beautiful family of three holds a hefty net worth altogether.

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Bootsy Collins’s Electrifying Net Worth

Besides being a loving husband and a doting father, Bootsy is a man filled with ambition, commitment, and dedication.

He garners a whopping net worth of $3 million with prominence in music. In addition, he has his own production house named Botzilla Productions, from where his income peaks heights.

He also owns a beautiful mansion in Cincinnati with his massive net worth, where his nuclear family resides.

Apart from owning an estate, he has filled luxuries into his life with a variety of car collections, which he often flaunts on social media.

His reach to his audience is such that his albums' sales take no time. Bootsy has gained immense success from his albums like The Power of the one

This man never learned to give up. Picking up a journey from a street boy who grew up in the slums to a millionaire, he has come a long way. As a result, Bootsy is an inspiration to hundreds and thousands of people today.