Cole Anthony Walked on His Dad's Footsteps

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Cole Anthony Walked on His Dad's Footsteps

American professional basketball player Cole Anthony plays for Orlando Magic in the NBA. 

This young talent has achieved great heights on his professional journey and was rated a consensus five-star recruit in 2019. 

He has also played nationally, where he led the team of United Stated at the FIBA Under-18 Americas Championship and helped them win a gold medal. 

Anthony sure is talented, but when you look deeper into his family, one would understand where his amazing love for basketball and his outstanding talent as a basketball player stems from. 

Yep! Cole belongs to a dad who is an NBA star. Someone who has been respected and admired for all these years. 

Who Is Cole Anthony's Dad?

The professional basketball player was born on May 15, 2000. He is 21 years of age as of 2022, and for someone to achieve so much at such a young age is truly an inspirational thing to look up to. 

While we cannot ever take away the credit and credibility of Cole's talent when it comes to basketball, we sure do think that his love for basketball sparked in his own home as his dad is a very famous basketball player. 

Cole's dad is Greg Anthony, and his mom is Melanie Shamet. 

It was never his father's decision to push cole into the direction of professional basketball, but as destiny had it for him, it happened eventually.

Cole Anthony with His Dad Greg Anthony

Cole Anthony with His Dad Greg Anthony (Source 247 Sports)

Greg talked about how he wanted his son to have his own path and not particularly follow him into basketball, but well, as we know it now, that's exactly what Cole did. 

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And by the looks of it, it was one of the best decisions he made, as this career has already given him so much, and the best part of it all, he is just getting started. 

Cole has also talked about his childhood, growing up with his parents. His mom and dad are divorced, and his dad is married to his stepmother Chere Lucas. 

More on His Childhood

Cole was born in Portland, Oregon, to a very wealthy family as his father was a very notable and famous basketball player of his time and had earned a lot through his career. 

Likewise, his mother was also a very successful woman, a producer of the show 'Little Ballers' that aired on Nickelodeon.

For someone who has achieved so much at such a young age, it truly is marvelous to see his passion for basketball. 

His father once talked about how the greatest compliment he ever got about his son was, “People would tell me, ‘He plays like he’s hungry. He plays like he’s poor.'”

The parents have tried to raise Cole humble and aware of his surroundings. Although he came from a wealthy family, his parents made sure that success was earned, and so is wealth, through hard work and dedication. 

Talking about his childhood, he stated, 

My parents raised me right... They don’t hand anything to me in life. What they do hand to me is knowledge.

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Truly, Cole has instilled all the knowledge that his parents have him throughout the years, and he now has been moving forward in his career through full honesty and dedication. 

Just 21, there is a long career ahead for Cole Anthony, and with all the things he has achieved in such a little time, it will be such a treat to see what he will achieve in the coming days.