Erica Ash's Rigorous Fitness Routine Led to Weight Loss?

By Bahar Jung Thapa | On:
Erica Ash's Rigorous Fitness Routine Led to Weight Loss?

The gorgeous American actress and comedian Erica Ash has been part of shows such as 'The Big Gay Sketch Show' and 'Survivor's Remorse.'

Been in the industry since the 2000s, she has gained prominence as a very skilled comedian and actor. People have seen Erica for a while in the media now. 

As her career graph has changed exponentially, one thing that has remained stagnant is her striking looks. It's like she keeps getting more graceful as she ages. 

And this has made people realize that Erica has had some changes, such as weight loss.

As impressive as her talent for her craft is, equally remarkable is her devotion for fitness which has resulted in her weight loss in the past, and that is the major reason why she has managed to maintain the glow and charm that she has. 

Erica Ash's Weight Loss Journey

Erica sure hasn't had many bodily changes over time. But, those who have been following her for long can see the results of her fitness routine, which persistently adds to her weight loss.

Now, not to get us wrong, this amazing actress has always been as glamorous and beautiful since the start of her career, and her beauty is one thing we will not credit to any form of changes she has undergone. 

Ash has always been pretty, and we know for a fact she will stay as charming as she is for days to come, no matter weight loss or weight gain. 

However, there is a significant part of the charm to Erica that she has gotten through her rigorous and routine fitness regime. 

A fitness journal that she shared in 2011 shows how detailed and functional her fitness routine is, which assisted her in her weight loss journey. 

Erica has an early start to her day at 7:30, and she is off to doing prayers right after she wakes up. Ash believes that it brings peace to her mind and body. 

Erica Ash Before and After Picture

Erica Ash Before and After Picture (Source Celeb Diaries)

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After that is her healthy fruit smoothie and vegetable juice time, which she enjoys at around 8:30.

When it's 10, Ash is off to her yoga class only to return at one and another smoothie. 

This would have been the end of our day for most of us, but not for Erica. 

She then goes cycling at 3, and 4:35 is her time to eat some healthy food and a third smoothie of the day. 

That is how Erica used to go about her day back in 2011, and her fitness journey is a pure inspiration for those on the weight loss journey. 

Oh, and not to forget to mention that Erica has also shared her hair care routine

And all the secret is in "Moisture, moisture and moisture."

Ash shared how she uses water-based products on her hair every day and wraps her hair every night before going to bed. 

We are not sure if she has kept her routine the same as it has been a decade, but we know she is still all about that fit and healthy lifestyle. 

There have been questions concerning her health, questioning, 'is Erica Ash sick?' 

But so far, no news of her illness seems to be prevalent to the rumors only. So, we really cannot confirm any doubts as to such. 

As much as Erica takes care of herself, we are certain that Erica is fit and healthy. We really do hope that she remains far away from any health complications or illness, so to say.