Funny Mike's Girlfriend Ended Up In Jail? More on His Net Worth

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Funny Mike's Girlfriend Ended Up In Jail? More on His Net Worth

Funny Mike is one of the most familiar faces on Youtube, piled up with positivity and grace. Being a content creator, he takes the complete responsibility of keeping his audience entertained and engaged. 

The channel he runs is embellished with different flavors of life. Mike has garnered immense net worth, attention, and love alongside his girlfriend and the adorable kids he shares with her. 

Funny Mike's Net Worth

Being an influencer is not easy. Perplexing the mind over thousands of different contents, reading the viewer's viewpoints, going across thousands of criticisms yet maintaining a smiley face throughout the journey. 

However, the long run finally lets the Youtuber relish the taste of hard work. Mike runs two different channels on Youtube, FunnyMike and FunnyMike Family, through which he is savoring the colors of success and garnering a net worth of over a million. 

Mike thought of coming up with a family channel once an adorable daughter stepped into his life.

However, he also maintains both the channels and grasps as much as the audience possible. He has, therefore, massive views on his channels, adding to his supposedly impressive net worth.

Moreover, most of the time, Mike flaunts his existing net worth via his supercars collection, a luxurious house, a pretty decent amount of cash, and much more. 

With monthly, over 100k subscribers gain, and views exceeding up to over millions showers him with everything he needs. Mike today places his entire family over millions with his consistency, hard work, and commitment.

Funny Mike alongside his beautiful family

Funny Mike alongside his beautiful family (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, despite having a tremendous net worth, this man recently had to go through a devastating phase of life. First, his entire family dug into a controversy where Mike's girlfriend got into a little more. 

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What Happened to Funny Mike's Girlfriend?

Imagine running a beautiful family alongside, building dreams together, inspiring millions of people but crashing down all of a sudden, making those followers question you due to some unwanted consequence that took place.

And, all those happenings taking place that's pointing out an image that took years to build.

But, despite having a net worth enough to fulfill all the necessities, Mike could do nothing this time as his girlfriend, Jaliyah, was accused of assaulting a family member.

She is said to have charges taken due to some physical damage she has caused to a person whose name is yet to be revealed. 

After the accusation, she was directly arrested by the police and was asked to stay in jail for a bit long.

The public reaction to the incident worsened once a document of Jaliyah went viral on the internet. 

Her picture on the document didn't look right. It seemed to be caught in the event. Jaliyah's eyes were swollen, her face looked bruised and blue, which aroused several more questions to the followers. 

But, Jaliyah is finally back home after a lot of time in jail.

Soon after, Mike shut down all the unnecessary rumors that had been revolving around, as he said,

I stay to myself, I ain’t got nothing to do with that. She's not in jail.

The authorities forgave her, taking down all her charges. The family is back, together, and strong again.

Over time the matter seems to have settled down, and now things are switching back to normal for Mike and his family.