All on Jeff Dunham's Family, Wife, Kids and Net Worth

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All on Jeff Dunham's Family, Wife, Kids and Net Worth

Jeff Dunham is a very popular ventriloquist and a comedian who has gained worldwide notoriety through his many amazing performances and appearances on TV. 

People love to watch him, and his shows have broken records of being on of the most-watched shows in television history. 

His ticket sales are quick, and the energy on his torus is insane. All in all, people seem to love Jeff, but what about Jeff? Who is the special someone that makes Jeff's world go round and round?

It is his wife, whom he has been married to for over a decade now, and he lives a calming and happy life along with his family. 

Jeff Dunham's Wife 

Jeff has been married to his wife Audrey Murdick since 2012, and the two have now spent a decade of happily wedded life.

The wedding was a very intimate affair. The two got married in October of 2012. According to Peoplethe bride donned a Milady gown with Vera Wang shoes, and the groom looked dashing in an Armani tuxedo. 

Their wedding was very intimate, with only 112 people as guests. The two had been together since 2009. 

They now have a family with twin sons, Jack Steven Dunham and James Jeffery Dunham. 

He and his wife welcomed their sons in 2015. But it is not the first time for Jeff to ride the tide of parenthood, and neither is it his first experience in marriage. 

He was previously married and had three children from his previous marriage. 

He was married to his first wife, Paige Dunham. The previous husband and wife were married in 1994, and their marriage lasted for almost 16 years before eventually separating in 2010. 

He has three daughters from his previous marriage, who are now all grown-ups.

Jeff Dunham with His Wife, daughters and his twin boys

Jeff Dunham with His Wife, daughters, and his twin boys (Source Instagram)

The world has been very giving to the comedian. It has blessed him with a wonderful wife, kids, and a rewarding career that has given him a hefty net worth, and when we say hefty, we really mean it. 

Here is a brief look into his net worth and his career. 

How Much Is Jeff Dunham's Net Worth?

As discussed earlier, Jeff has broken history and made records. 

He is part of numerous television shows, one of which is his talk show named 'Late Show with David Letterman,' and he has six specials that run on Comedy Central. 

He has been known to be one of the most famous comedians worldwide.

Honestly, we agree because numbers do not lie, and the numbers tell that he is one of the top three highest-paid comedians in the United States and was the highest-earning comic from 2008-to 2009, with an estimate of $30 million. 

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And these are just some of the achievements that Dunham has achieved through the course of his career. 

It is no wonder that he is extremely successful and has a career that people dream of.

With so many works on his plate, it is only fair for Dunham to enjoy a tasty palette of a well-earning career, a career that has earned him a net worth ranking him to multi-millions.

As reported by Celebrity Net Worthhe has a net worth of striking $140 million.