All about Johnny Knoxville's Net Worth & Tattoo

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All about Johnny Knoxville's Net Worth & Tattoo

The Action Point” star, Johnny Knoxville, whose real name is Phillip John Calp, is a barrel of laughs who has set several records in Hollywood. Be it an actor or a comedian, he portrays both his roles with perfection. 

He is a man who has garnered a hefty net worth of millions yet leads a basic life with a humbled nature. So naturally, the hot topic revolves around how he garners much of his net worth and a few questions about having multiple tattoos.

Johnny Knoxville’s Mind-Blowing Net Worth

Knoxville is a man of versatility yet amiability. The qualities enriched into this guy is ineffable. He is a millionaire for a reason who is entitled to a net worth of over $50 million as per Celebrity NetWorth.

There’s not a field he has not been into; whether it be acting, producing, comedy, stunt performances, he makes sure to nail everywhere and fit in his mark. 

Knoxville has impacted the MTV show “Jackass,” where he performed various stunts. Moreover, he was also the co-creator of the show as well. In addition, he was the highest-paid among the “Jackass” crew. 

Every millionaire starts with struggle, and there’s no story of any millionaire who has come across life without facing hardships. He says, 

"I just love that spirit that makes people do things, they probably shouldn't"

During his early days, Knoxville was struggling a lot financially. However, his heart and soul were completely dedicated to acting, so there was no way he could give up on that. Getting into Hollywood was not an easy job as the competition is with a million.

Also, he was in real need of money at the time of his life. So, Knoxville initiated his career as a commercial model. Moreover, he also summed up a little more by presenting his ideas for content creation in different magazines. 

Gradually, he also took his journey to try out self-defensive products on him. All the aspects he had been through during those days injected him with bravery and courage that polished his talent significantly and, of course, a tremendous increment to his fortune. 

His net worth is summed up from various shows he has made his appearance at and the box office collections that have done pretty well in the industry. 

This millionaire has made his identification quite vivid with some interesting tattoos on his body. There might be some possible stories behind it.

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Johnny Knoxville's Tattoos 

Knoxville is more of a trendy person with a wide perception of things. His perspective of seeing things is quite different than others.

Based on a different perception than people assume, he has had more than nine tattoos on his body. As per Glamor Path, all of them have different meanings behind them.

However, the most prominent ink he has is one on his chest, which is his daughter’s name. Just like every father, he has the dearest place for her. 

The second would be on his right chest, where two characters can be seen holding hands and dancing, the tattoo might be a defining ink of his relationship with is wife, Naomi Nelson. 

Johnny Knoxville alongside his wife, Naomi Nelson

Johnny Knoxville alongside his wife, Naomi Nelson (Image Source: Instagram)

Knoxville seems to have tremendous love for his wife. Recently on her birthday, he posted this adorable picture on his Instagram handle, captioned,

"Happy birthday to my love and light. A wonderful wife and a beautiful mother. You are the sunshine on my face and everything is good. I love you very much. Happy birthday."

Moreover, he has ink of a girl on the lower left arm. Also, he has a Leon Tattoo, which he used to cover up the ink of a bird he had before. Significantly, he has a Wawa, globe, and a drawing tattooed in his left upper arm, right wrist, and left rib cage, respectively. 

Not all the stories behind each of them are revealed yet. But, despite being a hefty net worth holder, he is enriched with purity and goodness.